Major Requirements

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The Spanish major is comprised of 33 credits from courses grouped at three levels; I, Core Courses, II, Electives, and III, Seminars.

Students are required to complete all Core Courses first (the 200-level) before proceeding to II Electives, and III Seminars (the 300-/ 400-level).

I, Core Courses: 200 LEVEL COURSES: 15 credits

SPAN 221: Spanish Phonetics and Phonology or SPAN 360, Spanish Linguistics

SPAN 222: Advanced Spanish Composition or SPAN 314 Advanced Spanish Grammar

SPAN 229: Survey of Spanish Literature

SPAN 232: Survey of Latin American Literature

SPAN 250: Literary Analysis and Research Methods

II, Electives: 300/400 LEVEL COURSES 12 credits:

Take any four (4) 300 or 400 level courses in this area: Two (2) courses from Latin America, (2) courses from Spain.

III, Seminars: 400 LEVEL REQUIRED, 6 credits.

One (1) 400 level course from Spain or Latin America and one (1) Senior Capstone Seminar, SPAN 498.



1. Students who enter the Major with advanced standing in their language proficiency may begin the 200-level courses earlier and be able to spread the 300- and 400-level courses over a longer period of time. This will increase their range of electives within the Major. Taking summer courses may also increase the opportunities for electives and for more rapid advancement.

2. Spanish Majors are encouraged to acquire proficiency in a second foreign language. Consult with your Advisor.

3. Coherent Sequence in Spanish Subject Area 30 Credits. To prepare teachers of Spanish (for those students who have teaching certification in other subjects or who have undergrauate degrees in other subject and are pursuing alternate route).

A. This course sequence establishes required core courses and electives. It provides rigor and cohesion for those seeking certification.

B. This program establishes clear minimum standards and enhances cohesivensess and provides prospective teachers with a sound training in language, literature, and cultural studies.

The 30-credit course sequence in Spanish begins with three 200-level courses in Phonetics and Phonology, advanced composition, and literary research methods plus two 200-level study survey courses in the literature of Spain and Latin America. (Courses below the 221 level do not count towards the 30-credit sequence.) Students may then select five additional courses at the 300 and 400 level. Students must take all 30 credits within the program. Those students who come to WPUNJ already having any of the core courses and wish to do so, upon the approval of the department, may substitute those courses with elective courses at a higher level.

Students are advised to take elective courses in both Latin America and Peninsular literatures and cultures.All courses in th 30 -credit sequence must be literature content courses taught in Spanish. There will be no English-language electives as part of the 30-credit course sequence.

Students are encouraged to take 33 credits and obtain a second major in Spanish.