Course Offerings Spring  2014

SPAN courses are taught in Spanish unless otherwise stated 

Course Number

Course Title



Day and Time

SPAN 2211

Gateway to Span Prof.

G. Scott


R  4:15  pm-6:50 pm

SPAN 222

Advanced Spanish Composition

M. Tajes

Writing Intensive

T/R  11:00-12:15 pm

SPAN 229

Survey Spanish Lit

E. Martínez


MW 2:00 pm-3:15 pm

SPAN 2320

Survery Lat. Am. Lit.

G. Maduro


Global A.

W  7:00 pm-9:40 pm

SPAN 2500

Lit Analysis & Research Meth

B. Williams

Writing Intensive

M 4:15  pm-6:50 pm

SPAN 305

Latino Cultural Studies (in English)

R. Soto


T  6:00 -8:30

SPAN 322

Race, Slavery, and the black L/A Literature

G. Maduro


T/R  9:30-10:45

SPAN 333

Lit. Spain until Renaissance

E. Martínez


T/R 2:00 pm-3:15 pm

SPAN 371

Cinema of Spain: Nation, Exile

B. Williams


T 7:00 pm-9:40 pm

SPAN 4800

Seminar Lat Am. Lit

O. de la Suarée


T  4:15  pm-6:50 pm

SPAN 4980

Spanish Capstone for Seniors

M. Tajes

Technololgy Intensive

Writing Intensive

M 4:15  pm-6:50 pm