Undergraduate Study

Major (B.A. Degree) Requirements


The History Major requires 36 credits of academic study.  There are varying course requirements depending on students' admission date to a) the university and b) the History Department. Choose the appropriate curriculum control sheet from the following.  Links are provided below.

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I. 2011 MAJOR: Students entering WPU FROM Fall 2011.

Control Sheet 1--Admit term to WPU FROM Fall 2011 (University Core Curriculum)

Control Sheet 2--Admit term to WPU with AA Degree FROM Fall 2011

II. Pre-2011 MAJOR: Students entering WPU PRIOR to Fall 2011.

Control Sheet A (Admit term to WPU PRIOR to Fall 2011 -- General Education)

Control Sheet B (Admit term to WPU with AA Degree PRIOR to Fall 2011) 


Control Sheet 4--Departments of Secondary and Middle School Education & Special Education and Counseling (SPED)

Four Year Chart for History and Secondary Ed.Double Major (UCC)

Suggested Sequence for History and Secondary Ed.Double Major with AA Degree

Suggested Sequence for History and Secondary Special Ed. Double Major 

Checklist for Social Studies

*NOTE: Please refer to "Undergraduate Courses" under "Undergraduate Program" for  following categories of courses.

I. 1000 level courses

II. Area Courses (US, European, Non-Wester/Global)

III. Pre-1800 Courses

IV. Writing and Technology Intensive Courses

V. UCC Area Courses (4, 5,and 6)