History Club

The purpose of the History Club is to provide a forum outside of the classroom for students interested in historical study, research, and debate. The WPU History Club will promote interest and awareness of history through the use of historical films, lectures, outings, and other events. The WPU History Club will nurture the development of historical research, leadership, and teaching skills through field trips to historical sites and facilities. Additionally, the WPU History Club will explore ways to increase its members’ consciousness of the diverse resources available to them pertaining to History. The WPU History Club will also work to develop tutoring and outreach programs to History students of local schools. If you want to join the History Club, please contact Jennifer Hearon (hearonj@student.wpunj.edu)

History Club Advisors: Prof Neici Zeller and Prof. Rochisha Narayan

History Club Officers 2013-2014

President - Jennifer Hearon

Vice President - Marcella Gallone

Secretary- Kyle Nicole Deveza

Treasurer- Colleen Luglli

Promotion Chair- Erica Schwartz