Graduate Courses

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Required Core

HIST 5000: Historical Thinking

Global History Seminars

HIST 5360: Seminar on Intellectual and Cultural History
HIST 5370: Seminar on the Twentieth Century
HIST 5380: Seminar on Empires
HIST 5390: Seminar on War and Revolution

Capstone Courses

HIST 6970: Reading Colloquium
HIST 6980: Thesis Seminar
HIST 6990: Independent Thesis Research


HIST 5010: Digital History
HIST 5110: Historical Preservation
HIST 5200: Public History
HIST 5890: New Jersey History
HIST 5950: Oral History
HIST:5900: New Jersey Urban History
HIST 6900 Internship in Public History

United States History  

HIST 5400: Abundance and Poverty in U.S. History
HIST 5450: The Reform Impulse in American History
HIST 5500: Violence in America
HIST 5600: Twentieth Century U.S. Foreign Relations
HIST 5650: Nuclear America
HIST 5700: America since World War II
HIST 5890: New Jersey History
HIST 5900: New Jersey Urban History
HIST 5950: Oral History
HIST 5990: Selected Topics      

European History  

HIST 6110: Europe in Transition: Constantine to Charlemagne, 300-800
HIST 6120: Early Modern Europe
HIST 6130: European Social History
HIST 6140: Women's History
HIST 6330: Modern Britain
HIST 6340: Modern France
HIST 6360: Crime and Punishment in Modern Europe
HIST 6370: German History: Issues and Debates
HIST 6380: Nazi Germany
HIST 6450: The Soviet Union      

Non-Western History  

HIST 6500: Contemporary Middle East
HIST 6600: Asian History and Culture
HIST 6610: Japanese History and Culture
HIST 6650: Chinese History and Civilization
HIST 6700: Latin American History

Topical/Thematic History  

HIST 6810: Technology and Culture
HIST 6820: History of Science
HIST 6830: Military History
HIST 6840: History of Sexuality
HIST 7000: Independent Studies