Graduate Courses


HIST 5650 – Nuclear America, or: The Cold War at Home and Abroad
Prof. MacLeod – ONLINE – Jul 01, 2014 - Aug 06, 2014
This course will explore the history of the Cold War at home and abroad. Together we will read books and articles about such issues as the origins of the Cold War, the global nature of the Cold War, the nuclear arms race, the Cuban Missile Crisis, imperialism and decolonization, global capitalism and resources. On the home front, we will examine the nuclear family, nuclear fears, suburbanization, popular culture, McCarthyism, social movements, and so on.

FALL 2014

HIST 5000 – Historical Thinking
Prof. McMahon – Tuesday
What do historians do and how do historians think? This course forms the foundation for graduate studies in history at William Paterson University, introducing students to the essentials of historical scholarship from research to publication. Students will read a variety of sources in order to understand the methodologies of interpretation that historians use, exploring classic and modern theories of historical scholarship and historiographical debate. Students will learn how to find, analyze, and use historical evidence, how to integrate evidence and interpretation in scholarly research papers, and how to analyze and contribute to historiographical debates.

HIST 5370 – Seminar on 20th Century: U.S. & the Middle East
Prof. Livingston – Thursday 
An introduction to the twentieth century. After discussion of core readings, the course focuses on themes of modernity such as state and nation, race and gender, warfare, and economic integration that characterize the century. This semester the course will focus on the relationship between the United States and the Middle East in the 20th Century.

HIST 5390 – Seminar on War & Revolution: World War I & the Russian Revolution
Prof. Tirado – ONLINE
An analysis of wars and revolutions as historical phenomena. Theoretical models are used to study the social, political, and economic impact of wars and revolutions in different historical and cultural settings. This semester the course will focus on World War I and the Russian Revolution.

HIST 5890 – History of New Jersey
Prof. Bowles – Monday
This research seminar on the history and culture of New Jersey allows students to investigate in depth topics in the social, political, economic, geographic, and cultural history of the state. 

HIST 6980 – Advanced Writing Workshop
Prof. MacLeod – Tuesday
Reserved for students who have completed 21 credits of the program. Prior to admission to the seminar, students must submit an approved thesis proposal. During the semester, students conduct research, and write the outline and early draft of their thesis. They are expected to contribute work to the seminar for collective discussion and criticism.

Required Core

HIST 5000: Historical Thinking

Global History Seminars

HIST 5360: Seminar on Intellectual and Cultural History
HIST 5370: Seminar on the Twentieth Century
HIST 5380: Seminar on Empires
HIST 5390: Seminar on War and Revolution

Capstone Courses

HIST 6970: Reading Colloquium
HIST 6980: Thesis Seminar
HIST 6990: Independent Thesis Research


HIST 5010: Digital History
HIST 5110: Historical Preservation
HIST 5200: Public History
HIST 5890: New Jersey History
HIST 5950: Oral History
HIST:5900: New Jersey Urban History
HIST 6900 Internship in Public History

United States History  

HIST 5400: Abundance and Poverty in U.S. History
HIST 5450: The Reform Impulse in American History
HIST 5500: Violence in America
HIST 5600: Twentieth Century U.S. Foreign Relations
HIST 5650: Nuclear America
HIST 5700: America since World War II
HIST 5890: New Jersey History
HIST 5900: New Jersey Urban History
HIST 5950: Oral History
HIST 5990: Selected Topics      

European History  

HIST 6110: Europe in Transition: Constantine to Charlemagne, 300-800
HIST 6120: Early Modern Europe
HIST 6130: European Social History
HIST 6140: Women's History
HIST 6330: Modern Britain
HIST 6340: Modern France
HIST 6360: Crime and Punishment in Modern Europe
HIST 6370: German History: Issues and Debates
HIST 6380: Nazi Germany
HIST 6450: The Soviet Union      

Non-Western History  

HIST 6500: Contemporary Middle East
HIST 6600: Asian History and Culture
HIST 6610: Japanese History and Culture
HIST 6650: Chinese History and Civilization
HIST 6700: Latin American History

Topical/Thematic History  

HIST 6810: Technology and Culture
HIST 6820: History of Science
HIST 6830: Military History
HIST 6840: History of Sexuality
HIST 7000: Independent Studies