Department of History

David Koistinen

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Office:   Atrium 205
Phone:   (973)720-3025
Office Hours:   By Appointment

Department: History
Position: Associate Professor
Area Specialization: Modern United States, especially business/economic history and political/policy history


Yale University, Ph.D. in American history 

London School of Economics, M.Sc in economic history

University of California, Berkeley, B.A., double major in history and economics




Confronting Decline: The Political Economy of Deindustrialization in Twentieth-Century New England (University Press of Florida, 2013)


Articles and Other Short Pieces

“Development Credit Corporations: Not-for-Profit Development Finance Institutions in the Postwar United States,” Business History 54:3 (June 2012), 424-44. 

“Reform Politics in Hard Times: Battles Over Labor Legislation During the Decline of Traditional Manufacturing in Massachusetts, 1922-1928,” Historical Journal of Massachusetts 35 (Winter 2007), 21-51. 

“Public Policies for Countering Deindustrialization in Postwar Massachusetts,” Journal ofPolicy History 18:3 (Summer 2006), 326-61.

“Capital Flight” entry in Eric Arnesen, ed., Encyclopedia of U.S. Labor and Working ClassHistory (New York: Routledge, 2006), 208-9.   

“The Political Economy of Regional Redevelopment: Business and Area Government in the Regeneration of the New England Economy” Business and Economic History On-Line,Vol. 4:  The 2006 Annual Meeting, 13 pp.

“Public Relations as Redevelopment Tool: Accentuating the Positive in Deindustrializing New England,” Business and Economic History On-Line, Vol. 3:  The 2005 Annual Meeting,19 pp.

“The Causes of Deindustrialization: The Migration of the Cotton Textile Industry from New England to the South,” Enterprise & Society 3:3 (September 2002), 482-520.

“Dealing with Deindustrialization:  Economics, Politics, and Policy During the Decline of the New England Textile Industry, 1920-1960” (summary of research), Journal of Economic History 60:2 (June 2000), 501-4.



Book Reviews

Empty Mills: The Fight Against Imports and the Decline of the U.S. Textile Industry by Timothy Minchin, American Historical Review (forthcoming). 

Sunbelt Capitalism: Phoenix and the Transformation of American Politics by Elizabeth Tandy Shermer, Business History Review (forthcoming). 

A Common Thread: Labor, Politics, and Capital Mobility in the Textile Industry by Beth English, Journal of Southern History 74:2 (May 2008), 492-93. 

Beyond the Ruins: The Meanings of Deindustrialization edited by Jefferson Cowie and Joseph Heathcott, Business History Review 79:1 (Spring 2005), 159-61. 

Interpreting NAFTA: The Science and Art of Political Analysis by Frederick Mayer, Journal of American History 86:4 (March 2000), 1870-1.