B.A. Degree Requirements

The English Major requires 36 credits of academic study, with varying course requirements depending on a student's admission date, concentration, and teaching certification status. To find the requirements that apply, choose the appropriate control sheet (links below) according to your cohort as explained here:

Literature Concentration 

a) no Teaching Certification--Admit Term through SP12--use Control Sheet 1

b) with Teaching Certification—Admit Term through SP08--use Control Sheet 1; Control Sheet 2 is also an option if the student prefers it.

c) with Teaching Certification—Admit Term June 08 and after--use Control Sheet 2

d) without Teaching Certification--Admit Term after SP12--use Control Sheet 7

Writing Concentration 

e) no Teaching Certification—Admit Term through SP10--use Control Sheet 3; Control Sheet 5 is also an option if the student prefers it.

f) no Teaching Certification—Admit Term after SP10--use Control Sheet 5

g) with Teaching Certification—Admit Term through SP08--use Control Sheet 3; Control Sheets 4 or 6 are also options if the student prefers one of those.

h) with Teaching Certification—Admit Term FA08 through SP10--use Control Sheet 4; Control Sheet 6 is also an option if the student prefers it.

i) with Teaching Certification—Admit Term after SP10--use control Sheet 6


j) A student’s Admit Term (the semester the student declared the English Major) is found via the Student Information link in WPConnect.

ii) Changing English major concentrations or adding/dropping teaching certifications may result in changes to Admit Terms; if this happens and the student is negatively affected, adjustments can often be made by the Dept. Chair.

iii) Where there is a choice among control sheets (b., d., f., g. above), students are encouraged to follow the more recent requirements—i.e., the Control Sheet with the higher number. Using these newer control sheets is suggested only if doing so will not inconvenience the student.

Control Sheet 1    |   Control Sheet 2    |   Control Sheet 3    

Control Sheet 4    |   Control Sheet 5    |   Control Sheet 6

Control Sheet 7


Notes for English Majors seeking Teaching Certification with the College of Education

The Departments in the College of Education periodically update and revise their requirements for the various Teaching Certification Programs they offer, and not all requirements are covered on the English advisement forms; students must check with the appropriate departments in the College of Education for specifics.

English majors interested in receiving New Jersey State Teaching Certification in Early Childhood (P-3), Elementary Education (K-8), or Secondary Education (K-12) must take ANTH 2020 and PSY 1100, and should apply for admission to the College of Education (COE) when they have 60 credits.  (For Elementary and Early Childhood, MATH 1100 or 1110 or higher and PSY 2100 are also required.)  You can declare Education as a major at any time and get advice on requirements, but to be officially accepted into a teaching certification program you need a grade point average of 3 or better--and there are other requirements as well, as determined by the COE. ?

See also: HSS Advisement Sheet for Students Seeking Teaching Certification


University Graduation Requirements

Foreign Language Requirements

University Core Curriculum Requirements

General Education Requirements