B.A. Degree Requirements

To graduate with a BA in English, students must earn 120 academic credits overall.  This will include meeting all UCC requirements, and taking at least 36 credits in English. Students have a choice of two concentrations: Literature and Writing. The English courses students will take depend on the chosen concentration and whether students are also pursuing a degree in Education. 

Use the following control sheets to plan your courses:

Literature: Control Sheet LIT 

Literature (with Education): Control Sheet LitED

Writing: Control Sheet WRIT

Writing (with Education): Control Sheet WritED

Students who became an English major earlier than Fall 2012 do have the option of using the following earlier requirements:  

Literature, through Spring 2012: Control sheet 1

Literature (with Education), through Spring 2012: Control sheet 2

Though students may use the earlier requirements, the department recommends using the current control sheets provided above.

Note: The semester a student became an English major (their “Admit Term” for English) is found via the Student Information link in WPConnect.

For English majors who are also pursuing an Education degree

English majors interested in admission to the College of Education must take ANTH 2020 and PSY 1100. (For Elementary and Early Childhood, MATH 1100 or 1110 or higher and PSY 2100 are also required.)  Students can declare Education as a major at any time and get advice on requirements, but to be accepted into the College of Education students need 60 credits, a grade point average of 3.0 or better, and must pass the Core Praxis test.  More information is available here. State requirements for the various education degrees periodically change—as do College of Education policies and procedures.  For the most up-to-date information and advice regarding an Education degree, students should talk to an advisor from the College of Education.

See also: Information for Students Seeking Teaching Certification from COE

University Graduation Requirements

Foreign Language Requirements

University Core Curriculum Requirements

General Education Requirements (for students entering Spring 2010 or earlier)