Program in Writing and Rhetoric: Course Descriptions

English 1080 Basic Writing Course Description: Emphasizes fluency and coherence in written expression. Students will write and revise short, whole pieces to prepare for the more advanced academic writing required in English 1100 College Writing.  Note: This course does not carry credit toward degree requirements.  Possible grades are P (Pass) and NP (No Pass).  In addition to achieving a Pass for the course, students must also take and pass a final written exam.

English 1100 College Writing Course Description:  Students will produce essays in a variety of rhetorical modes (such as argumentation or exposition) and genres (such as autobiography or creative nonfiction) using writing to explore ideas, observations and experiences. Students will share their writing with their peers, receive feedback on drafts, and revise as they progress through process-driven writing. This course may be organized either thematically or rhetorically.  Note: Students must receive a grade of C or better to pass this course.

English 1500 Experiences in Literature Course Description: This course will develop students’ appreciation and understanding of literature and challenge them to explore a variety of issues (social, historical, geographical, ethnic, political) through reading, writing, and discussion of literary texts. These texts may vary by genre, historical period, or country of origin, but the goal of the course is to provide students with the skills necessary to understand how literary form produces meaning.