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Chair: Ian Marshall. Assistant Chair: Maureen Martin.
Secretary: Kim Heisler

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The English Department offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in writing and literature. The undergraduate major, with a concentration in literature or in writing, leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. Students in other majors have the opportunity to minor in English or take a variety of liberal studies and free elective courses. Students may choose from courses in English, American, European, and comparative literature, including minority and Non-Western literatures; linguistics, interpretative methods, and both critical and creative writing; and other areas, such as those focusing on special movements, themes, and genres, including drama and film.

The English Major, with its emphasis on reading and writing skills, its training in grammar and linguistic history, and its wide offerings in literature, including children’s and adolescent literature, is also a New Jersey State-recognized institution for students pursuing Teaching Certification.

The objectives of the program are: (1) to provide students with an understanding and appreciation of literature as art and an understanding of the relation of literature to its historical and cultural contexts; (2) to heighten students’ awareness of diverse linguistic, literary, and cultural heritages; (3) to sharpen students’ critical reading and analytical skills; (4) to develop students’ ability to communicate their ideas in writing for a variety of audiences and purposes; (5) to further skills that will help students succeed in their careers; (6) to prepare students for advanced graduate study.

Students majoring in English often choose careers in teaching, law, journalism, publishing, editing, public relations, advertising, computer technology, finance, or writing criticism, film and television scripts, plays, novels, stories, poems, or creative nonfiction. Internships, which enable students to receive on-the-job training with regional employers, are available to juniors and seniors with a G.P.A. of 3.0 or better; interested students should contact the Internship Coordinator, Martha Witt. English majors who intend to pursue a graduate program in English are strongly encouraged to satisfy the intermediate reading level in a foreign language.

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Executive Council: Judith Broome, Phoebe Jackson, John Parras, Chris Weaver, Martha Witt. Assessment Coordinator: Liane Robertson. Chair of Curriculum & Scheduling: Judith Broome. Director of Program in Writing & Rhetoric: Chris Weaver.Director of the Graduate Programs: Phoebe Jackson. Director of the Writing Center: Matthew Kendrick. Coordinator of the MFA Program: John Parras. Director of the Writer's Conference: John Parras. Director of Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Program: Liane Robertson. Internship Coordinator: Martha Witt. Liaison to the College of Education: Maureen Martin. Library Coordinator: Rajender Kaur. Senate Representative: Judith Broome. Sigma Tau Delta Representative: Brian O'Broin. Treasurer: Joan Hartman. Union Representative: Phoebe Jackson. Webmaster: John Parras.