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Ian Marshall, Ph.D.


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Department: English
Position: Associate Professor; Department Chair
Area Specialization: Rhetoric and Composition; Cultural Rhetoric

Current Project

Mourning and Melancholy: Hemingway's tale of Two Modernisms   

This article draws heavily upon Seth Moglen’s book, Mourning Modernity: Literary Modernism and the Injuries of American Capitalism.  This article is envisioned as part of a larger book project which proffers a theory of how capitalism affected literary artists and their conceptualization of marginalized and racialized others in American literary modernism.  Moglen provides an important argument as to why industrial capitalism contributed to the aesthetics of modernism which he sees as class-based. Using his framework I show that Melancholy, the canonized and valorized response to industrial capitalism of the upper classes, not only expressed the collective injury of those classes as a result of industrial capitalism—as Moglen demonstrates—but also prevented their art from speaking to the plight of those most injured by it, the racialized and marginalized others of Modern America. This, I argue, is most notably demonstrated in Ernest Hemingway short fiction of the 1920s.


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Selected Conference Presentations

“Hemingway and the Black Renaissance”. Panel Presentation. Modern Language Association Conference, Boston MA, 2013.

“Reading, Writing, and the Rhetorics of Whiteness”. Guest Speaker. DePaul University, Chicago, IL, 2012.

“Impassioned Whiteness”. Workshop Facilitator. Conference on College Composition and Communication, Atlanta, GA, 2011.

“White Privilege, and Racial Identity: Two College Professors Contemplate their Classrooms”. Conference on College Composition and Communication, New York, NY, 2007.