Department of Africana-World Studies

Delario Lindsey

Office:   Atrium 233
Phone:   973-720-3026
Office Hours:   TBA

Department: African, African American, and Caribbean Studies
Position: Assistant Professor
Area Specialization: Urban/Community Development, Urban Inequality, Slum Studies, African Diaspora Studies, International Development.

Conference Presentations:

The International Sociological Association - Research Committee 21 Amsterdam Conference: The Struggle to Belong: Dealing with Diversity in 21st Century Urban Settings 2011.

Session Co-chair (with Francois Bonnet, University of Amsterdam) for:

Slums, Ghettoes, and the Internal Periphery of the Global Urban

Everyday Life in the Segmented City Florence Conference, 2010.

Imagining A ‘Shining Pretty Thing’: Spectacular Urbanism and the Quest for Meaning in the World City System.

Comparative Peripheries: Exploring the Complexities of Urban Inequality and the Process of Peripheralization.

International Sociological Association - Research Committee 21 Sao Paulo Conference: Inequality, Inclusion and the Sense of Belonging 2009.

Spectacular Urbanism: The Image, Development and the (De)Location of the Urban ‘Other.’

New England Sociological Association, Fall Conference, 2000.

Death of an Immigrant: A Frame Critical Analysis of Crime, Social Control, and the Discursive Construction of the World City.


To Build a More ‘Perfect Discipline’: Ideologies of the Normative and the Social Control of the Criminal Innocent in the Policing of New York City. 2006. In Culture, Power and History: Studies in Critical Sociology, edited by Stephen Pfohl; Brill Publication.

Slums, Favelas, and Shantytowns: An Inquiry into the Global significance of the Urban Perihpery, and the Re-articulation of World-systemic External Areas, for The International Handbook of World-Systems Analysis, edited by Salvatore Babones and Christopher Chase-Dunn, London: Routledge, forthcoming.

Organizations and Committees

  • Member of the International Sociological Association 
  • Member of the I.S.A. Research Committee on Sociology of Urban and Regional Development
  • Member of the I.S.A. Research Committee on Social Transformations and Sociology of   Development
  • Coordinator of the Slum Studies Informal Research Group