Reclaiming Educational Foundations of Rigorous Math and Science (REFORMS II) Grant


The Reclaiming Educational Foundations of Rigorous Math and Science II (REFORMS II) Grant is a United States Department of Education Math and Science Partnership (MSP, Grant funded by Title II, Part B of the No Child Left Behind Act and administered by the New Jersey Department of Education (  It is a $1.75 million award to be used over three years in partnership with William Paterson University College of Science and Health, William Paterson University College of Education, Clifton Public Schools, Lodi Public Schools, Paterson Public Schools, Diocese of Paterson Schools, and Dr. FH LaGarde Academy.  

The intent of the REFORMS II Grant is to increase academic achievement of students in mathematics and science in high need school districts through enhancing teacher pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) in those subjects. Each year, 70 teachers in partner school districts will form mathematics and science vertical teams comprised of elementary, middle, and high school teachers.  Those vertical teams will work with WPU Department of Mathematics, WPU Department of Science and College of Education faculty in professional learning communities and participate in professional development activities for a total of 120 hours. Professional development activities include a two week on-campus summer institute and an online professional learning community for the duration of the school year, as well as access to a Professor in Residence in partner schools to support the ongoing implementation of initiatives learned during professional development activities.  Participants will use the Curriculum Topic Study ( model of professional/curriculum development, which incorporates a research-based understanding of student learning to bridge the gap between what students already know and the knowledge of core concepts in state and national curricular standards. The teams will also vertically and coherently integrate the Common Core Standards for mathematics and New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS) for science into lesson plans based on rigorous content and research-based inquiry teaching methods.

For additional information about the REFORMS II MSP Grant, please contact David Ferrier at 973-720-6214 or