Willliam Paterson Modules


Winter 1
1. Professionalism, UbD, Inquiry and Orientation into the Program

Spring 1
2. Knowing Your Learners (Psych, Special Ed, ESL, Culture, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality)

3. (a) Literacy K-5 (Elem) (b) Reading and Writing Across Curriculum (K-12)

Summer 1

4. (a) Math Assessment / Methods/Teaching Strategies Technology (UbD, Assessments TWS) (Elem)
(b) Discipline-Specific Assessment/ Methods Teaching Strategies/Technology (UbD, Assessments TWS) (K-12)

5. Differentiating Instruction (Special Ed, SIOP, IEPs, universal design for learning, Autism)

Summer 2
6. Intro to Teaching and Planning (Boot Camp/ New Teacher Induction)

Fall 1- Full Time Residency Begins

7. (a) Science and Social Studies and Health, Art Assessment/Methods/Teaching Strategies/Technology (Elem)
(b) Discipline-Specific Methods Teaching Strategies/Technology(K12)

8.Culturally Responsive Teaching (Community Classroom)

Spring 2
9. Creating a Community of Learners