Alternate Route Program Teach of Students with Disabilities Certificate Program

The Alternate Route Program is for candidates who have a position as a special education teacher while simultaneously pursuing certificate as a Teacher of Students with Disabilities.The 22 credit program includes coursework in principles and practices of special education. This program prepares individuals to instruct students with diverse learning and social needs in a variety of special education programs.

Alternate Route candidates must possess a Standard NJ Teaching Certificate or a NJ Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (C.E.A.S.) in regular education and must have a teaching position in a state-approved educational setting.


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Program Advisor: Dr. Pamela Brillante
Entry Requirements
  • Bachelor's degree from an accedited college or university
  • Standard NJ Teaching Certificate or NJ Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (C.E.A.S.) in regular education
  • NJ Certificate of Eligibility in TSD
  • Employment contract or letter of promise of employment
  • Application form plus one letter of recommendation from an educator
Please allow 4-6 weeks for applications to be processed.
Course Requirements: 22 Credits*
Course Number and Title Credits
Core Courses  
SPC 5550 Educational Foundations in a Diverse Society 3
SPC 5600 Understanding School Based Assessment of Diverse Learners 3
SPC 5640 Managing Challenging Behaviors in Diverse Settings 3
Specialization Courses
SPC 5660 Assistive Technology in the Inclusion Classroom 3
SPEE 5700 Language, Literacy and Learning in a Diverse Society 3
SPC 5800 Collaboration with School, Home and Community 3
SPC 5820 The Universally Designed Inclusive Classroom 3
SPED 6540 Demonstration Teaching (Application due 6 months prior) 1
Exit Requirements
  • All graduate students must maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. Courses in which candidates earned a grade lower than C minus cannot be counted towards certification.
  • Completion of program requirements.

Click here to find the application for SPED 654 from the Office of Certification.