K-12 Subject Certification W/ Teacher of Students with Disabilities TSD

This is a dual licensure program for undergraduate students seeking to teach regular and special education students in a specific subject area.  The program meets the requirements for teacher licenses outlined in N.J.A.C.6A:9 and is approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.  Majors approved for the K-12/TSD subject area program are:  English, math, history geography, political science, and any lab science.  K-12/TSD students wishing to graduate in 8 semesters must take more than 15 credits per semester prior to clinical practice and/or take summer courses. 

Program Coordinator:  Dr. Peter Griswold
Phone:  973-720-3761

Semester I (3 credits) has a 20 hour observation requirement
SPC 2550 Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society (3)
Prerequisites:PSY 1100, PSY 2100 & ANTH 2020, and BIO 1140 Applied Anatomy and Physiology OR BIO 1200 Human Biology – earning at least a C

Semester II (9 credits)

SPC 3130 Adaptive and Assistive Technologies (3)
CISE 2950 Educational Psychology & Classroom Management (3)
CIRL 3350 Literacy, Technology & Instruction (3) has a 20 hour tutoring requirement.

Semester III (10 credits) Practicum - courses must be taken as a package
SPC 3520 School-based Assessment for Diverse Learners (3)
SPC 3530 Instructional Management in Diverse & Inclusive Settings (3)
SPC 3540 Behavior Management in Diverse Educational Settings (3)
SPC 3550 Practicum (Special Education - 1 day per week) (1)

Semester IV (11 credits) Practicum - courses must be taken as a package
CISE 3250 Teaching as Learning (2)
CISE 3350 Working Within Schools: Schools as Institutions & Communities (2)
CISE 3520 Practicum Internship (subject area - 2 days per week) (2)
SPC 4560 Lifespan Transitions:  Home, School & Community (2) 

Plus ONE of the following courses based on subject field major: (3)
CISE 4110 Methods of Teaching Secondary Social Studies  (3)                  
CISE 4120 Methods of Teaching Secondary English/Language Arts    (3) 
CISE 4130 Methods of Teaching Secondary Math    (3)
CISE 4140 Methods of Teaching Secondary Creative Arts, K-12 (3)
CISE 4170 Methods of Teaching Secondary Science  (3)
CISE 4190 Methods of Teaching a Second Language (3)      

Semester IV (12 credits) (except Music & PE) - May take one additional course

EDUC 4190 Student Teaching Internship/Seminar (5 days/week in a school) (10)
CISE 4500 Reckoning with the Past & Preparing for a Future in Education (2)

You must pass the Praxis Subject Assessments (formerly the Praxis II test)  exam in your content area prior to student teaching.  Student Teaching for K-12/TSD consists of 8 weeks in a regular classroom setting with a subject area teacher and 8 weeks in a special education or inclusive setting with a special education teacher. 



  • Students must have an additional major in an appropriate liberal arts or science major as indicated by the state.
  • Enroll in or successfully pass ANTH 2020
  • Follow the in Declaring Education as a Major direction
  • Speech and Hearing Assessment by 60 Credits (X2139).
  • PRAXIS Core (5751) Praxis I (Reading, Writing, Math) Academic Skills assessment is required in place of the COE writing assessment.
  • Complete PSY 1100 successfully.
  • Complete PSY 2100 successfully.
  • Students must take either BIO 1200 Human Biology or BIO 1140 Applied Anatomy & Physiology
  • Obtain a NJ Substitute Teaching License, after 60 credits.
  • The PRAXIS Subject Test must be passed before entering EDUC 4190 (Clinical Practice).
  • You must maintain a 3.0 over all cumulative GPA. 
  • Candidates must have a 3.0 GPA in their education courses in order to student teach.
  • Student teaching consists of eight weeks in a regular classroom setting with a cooperating subject teacher and 8 weeks in a special education or inclusive setting with a cooperating special education teacher
  • Field experience applications for SPC 3550, CISE 3520, and EDUC 4190 are due one year in advance: each fall (October 15) for placement the next fall, and each spring (March 15) for placement the next spring.
  • Instructions and applications are available for download from the Office of Field Experience's webpage.  Completed applications and all supporting documents are turned in to the secretary of the Department.
  • Students may take one additional course during student teaching.
  • Students wishing to graduate in eight semesters will need to take more than 15 credits per semester prior to student teaching and/or take summer courses.
  • Music, and Physical Education are not approved majors for this program.