Department of Secondary and Middle School Education

Djanna Hill, Ed.D.


Office:   V4009
Phone:   973-720-2260
Office Hours:   Fall 2014 - Monday 1:45-2:30** VR 4009 and Wednesday 12:30-2:45pm**In Atrium 108

Department: Secondary and Middle School Education
Position: Full Professor, Tenured., Chair – Africana-World Studies Program
Area Specialization: Teacher Preparation for Urban Contexts (Community Teachers, Grow Your Own Programs), Womanist and Black Feminist Theoretical Frameworks, Multicultural Science Education (Science Teacher Education, STEM)


Doctor of Education, Urban and Multicultural Education
Department of Curriculum and Teaching, Teachers College, Columbia University NY,NY
Master of Education, Curriculum and Teaching
Teachers College, Columbia University, NY, NY
Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary Biology
College of Our Lady of the Elms, Chicopee, MA
Bachelor of Science, Microbiology
Howard University, Washington, DC


AWS 2550 - The Black Woman Experience
CIEE 3260 – Science Methods and Assessment for Teaching K-6
CISE 3350 – Working Within Schools:  Schools as Institutions and Communities
CISE 3250 – Teaching as Learning
WPU 1010 – The First Year Experience                             


Co-Principal Investigator. Fulbright-Hays Group Study Abroad Program, US Department of Education. Awarded $80,075.00. 

Principal Investigator. Paterson Teachers for Tomorrow, The Taub Foundation. Awarded $417,000. 

Co-Principal Investigator. Improving Teacher Quality Partnership Grants – Technology in Math and English/Language Arts – On TIME. Funded by the New Jersey Department of Education. Awarded $900,000. 

Co-Principal Investigator. Paterson Teachers for Tomorrow, The Taub Foundation.  Awarded $150,000. 

 Co-Principal Investigator. Improving Teacher Quality Partnership Grants – Inquiry in Math and Science - IMS. Funded by the New Jersey Department of Education. Awarded $820,365.


Editorships - Peer-Reviewed Journals

Hill, D. (2011 – 2013). Co-Editor.  Advancing Women in Leadership Journal.

Agard-Jones, L. & Hill, D. (2009). Guest editors: Advancing the conversation.  Multicultural   Perspectives, 11 (4).

Hill, D.(2007). Guest editor. Special issue on black women educators. Advancing Women in Leadership, Volume 23, Winter 2007.

Chapman, T., Dixon, A, & Hill, D.  (2005). Special issue editors: The portraiture methodology.  Qualitative Inquiry, 11(1).

Books and Book Chapters

Hill, D.  (2013). Constructivist and multicultural science:  Methods, labs, and teaching tools
for K-8 Classrooms, 2nd Edition. Custom Edition. Boston, MA: Pearson.

Schultz, B., Gillette, M., & Hill, D.  (2011). Teaching as political:  Theoretical perspectives for
understanding the grow your own movement. In Skinner, E., Garreton, M., and Schultz,B.
Grow your own teachers: Grassroots change for teacher education. (pp. 5-21). New York:  TC Press.

Hill, D. and Newton, R.  (2010). A pipeline program for urban community teachers:  Standing in the gap of achievement and possibility.  In B. Allison & B. Berghoff (Eds.) The 2010 E-Yearbook of Urban Learning, Teaching, and Research SIG of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).(pp. 17-25). Los Angeles, CA:  CalState.

 Hill, D.  (2010). Dismantling the master’s house:  A call for womanism, herstory and the power of black women teacher educators.   In T. Huber-Warring (Ed.), Storied inquires in international landscapes:  An anthology of educational research.  (pp. 71-80). Charlotte, NC:  IAP.(A reprint from a 2002 journal article).

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Hill, D.  (2005). A charge to keep: Answering a call for transformative education in the
new millennium - The CORIBE documentary video.  In J. King's Black education –civilization or barbarism:  A transformative research and action agenda for human freedom in the new century (pp. 341-345).  Mahwah, NJ:  Erlbaum.

Hill, D.  (2003). Womanist traditions:  Black women scholar-workers in teacher education.  In,Duhon-Sells, R. & Agard-Jones, L.  (Eds.), International perspectives on methods of improving education: Focusing on the quality of diversity (Mellon Studies in Education, volume 82) (pp. 15-35).Lewiston, NY:  Edwin Mellon Press. 

 Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Agard-Jones, L. & Hill, D.  (2009). Special topics focus:  Exploring current notions of education that is multicultural.  Multicultural Perspectives, 11 (4) 185 – 186.

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