Field Experience Applications


 Fall 2016 Practicum and Student Teaching Applications 
are due October 15, 2015.
Spring 2017 Practicum and Student Teaching Applications
are due March 15, 2016
The following guidelines and information will assist you in your practicum and student
teaching field experience placements.
  • All applicants should possess a substitute teacher's license. This must be sent to the Office of Field Experiences two months prior to the beginning of the field experience.  Substitute workshops are held each semester on campus.

  • A Mantoux test is required.  This can be done at the WPU Health and Wellness Center.  This must be on file at the Office of Field Experiences 3 months prior to your field experience.

  • All Teacher Education Candidates must take and pass all required licensure exams (PRAXIS test(s) for all certification areas prior to student teaching.  Passing PRAXIS scores for all certification areas must be submitted to the Office of Certification by August 1st for student teaching in the fall semester and January 1st for student teaching in the spring semester.

  • You must also notify the Office of Field Experiences of any changes in name, address or telephone number, in addition to the Registrar.

  • Placement grids will be posted on the large Office of Field Experiences bulletin board, indicating the school district to which your placement request has been sent. An "A" next to your name indicates acceptance by that school district. An "I" next to your name means that the school district or a particular school in the district requires that you be interviewed. If the school district has not contacted you to set up an interview, please check with the Office of Field Experiences for additional information.

  • Respond to calls for interviews promptly. Dress professionally. Practice interviewing.

  • You will receive information concerning an orientation which will be held at the beginning of the semester of your field  experience. You will be given all assignment information at the orientation.  Attendance at orientations is required.

  • You must notify the Office of Field Experiences if it is necessary for you to postpone your placement to another semester.

  • In addition to submitting your application to the Office of Field Experiences, you must register for the necessary courses.  Undergraduate P-3, P-3/K-6, K-6, K-6/5-8 practicum students need to register for their assigned package.  The seminar class meetings vary by program.  You are required to attend seminars to pass student teaching.