Program Description:

This program is designed for experienced and certified teachers who hold a master’s degree from an accredited institution. Upon successful completion of the curriculum, the student is eligible for New Jersey certification as a reading specialist.  

Admission Requirements:

In addition to the University’s admission requirements:

  • A master’s degree from an accredited college or university.
  • A standard teaching certificate.
  • Two years of contractual, supervised classroom teaching.

Program Requirements:

  • 30 credits of graduate study
Reading Specialist Certificate30 credits
ELRL 6010 Theoretical Foundations of Literacy 3
ELRL 6170 Young Children's Literacy and Curriculum Design 3
ELRL 6200 Diagnosis of Reading Problems: Practicum 3
ELRL 6210 Remediation of Reading Problems: Practicum 3
ELRL 6230 Practicum in Teaching Reading 3
ELRL 6240 Administration and Supervision of Reading Programs and Personnel 3
ELRL 6250 Adolescent and Adult Literacy and Curriculum Design 3
ELRL 6330 Socio-Psycholinguistics and Reading 3
Literature Courses 3-6 credits
Choose ONE of the following literature course
ELRL 6040 Recent Trends in Children’s Literature 3
ELRL 6050 Advanced Inquiry into Literature of Children and Youth 3
ELRL 6260 Literature for Adolescents 3
Approved Elective Courses 3 credits
Choose one of the approved electives below OR another literature course above (i.e. ELRL 6040, 6050, 6260)
ELRL 6030 Literacy and Content Instruction for English Language Learners 3
CIEC 6180 Language Development and Emergent Literacy 3
CIEE 6040 Writing in the Elementary School 3
SOC 6300 Ethics and Racial Experiences 3
ELRL 6310 Written Expression with Technology 3
SPC 5550 Educational Foundations in a Diverse Society 3