School Library Media Specialist Certificate Program (for those with MLS degree but without NJ Instructional Certificate)

This program is designed to enable candidates who have a master’s degree in library science (MLS) or another master’s degree, but who do not have a New Jersey teaching certificate to become eligible for a certificate as a School Library Media Specialist. The program requires the completion of 45 credits of specifically approved courses as listed below. Thirty-six credits are taken in school library media and related content, three of which include 150 hours of supervised field experience in a school library media center. In addition, the program requires the completion of three specific education courses as listed below to provide the necessary teacher education background for working in a school library. The program is managed and taught by school library professionals and focuses on developing the school library media specialist as a teacher, instructional partner, informational specialist and program administrator in grades preschool through 12. Principles of knowledge, understanding and application are addressed in every course and are accessed by professional application projects, field experiences, and case studies. The program follows the standards of the American Association of School Librarians. This alternate route certifricate program is for candidates who do not have a NJ instructional certificate.

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Advisor: Ellen Pozzi
Phone: 973-720-3784
Office: 1600 Valley Rd. Rm 4082

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • Master's degree in related field (MLS)
  • An undergraduate grade point average of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.

Course Requirements: 45 Credits


Course Number and Title


Education Courses: 9 Credits


CISE 5200 Classroom Management


CIEE/CMAT 5110 Educational and Psychological Theories and Applications 3

CIEE 5120 Reading, Language Arts and Literature Literacy and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms 
CISE 6010 Teaching Strategies in Subject Fields


Concentration Core: 24 Credits


ELLM 5130 Foundations of School Librarianship


ELLM 5140 Instructional Design


ELLM 5150 Technical Processes for School Library Media Centers


ELLM 5160 Technologies for Teaching and Learning in School Library Media Centers


ELLM 5170 Information Sources and Services


ELLM 6110 Management and Supervision of the School Library Media Program


ELLM 6120 School Library Media Specialist Selects Literature for the School Age Child


ELLM 6210 Field Experiences in School Library Media Centers


One of the following: 3 Credits

ELCL 6190 Applied Developmental Psychology 3
TBED 5420 Multiculturalism & Acculturation 3

Electives: (Choose 3) 9 Credits

ELRL 6040 Recent Trends in Children's Literature 3
ELRL 6260 Literature for Adolescents 3
ELCL 6050 Educational Technology Foundations 3
ELCL 6110 Designing and Facilitating Technology-Integrated Learning 3
ELCL 6120 Assessing Educational Achievement with Technology 3
ELCL 6240 Technology-Mediated Learning 3
ELCL 6250 Leadership and Learning Technologies 3
Exit Requirement
  • Successful completion of curriculum
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