Faculty and Staff


Bush, Elaine Department Secretary V4094 x2331 bushe@wpunj.edu
Schnorrbusch, Chelsea Graduate Assistant V4094 x3626 schnorrbuschc@student.wpunj.edu

Full Time Faculty


An, Heejung

Learning Technology and Educational Research V4090 x2280 anh2@wpunj.edu
Brown, Elizabeth Language Arts and Social Studies V4101 x2469  browne28@wpunj.edu
Cheruvu, Ranita Early Childhood (MCCC) V4097 x3086 cheruvur@wpunj.edu
Coletta, Anthony  Elem. & Early Childhood Ed. V4106 x3144  colettaa@wpunj.edu
Dobrick, Alison Social Studies V4100 x3674  dobricka@wpunj.edu
Mankiw, Sue Early Childhood Education V4135-1 x3931 mankiws@wpunj.edu
Fattal, Laura Arts and Creativity V4100 x3949 fattall@wpunj.edu
Fuentes, David Differentiated Instruction (DI) V4108 x3145 Fuentesd2@wpunj.edu
Rosenthal, Julie Literacy and Educational Research V4096 x3087 rosenthalj@wpunj.edu
Seplocha, Holly Early Childhood Education V4103 x2310 seplochah@wpunj.edu
Strasser, Janis Early Childhood Education V4104 x3140 strasserj@wpunj.edu
Verdicchio, Ronald Ed. Leader., Commun. Rel. V4098 x2141 verdicchior@wpunj.edu
Walsh, Nicole Early Childhood (MCCC) V4012 x3141 walshn5@wpunj.edu
Warner, Lisa Math Education V4012 x3717 warnerl4@wpunj.edu
Weiland, Linnea Elem. & Early Childhood Ed, Math Education V4092 x2331 weilandl@wpunj.edu

Adjunct Faculty

NameVoice mail numberRoomPhoneE-Mail
Amoroso, Paul 1144 V4124d 2119/3800 amorosop@wpunj.edu
Balz, John   V4124d 2119/3800 balzj@wpunj.edu
Calantropio, Maureen 1515 V4124d 2119/3800 calantropiom@wpunj.edu
Capra, Theresa   MCCC, LA 135   caprat@wpunj.edu
Costanza, Vincent   MCCC, LA 135   costanzav1@wpunj.edu
Cottino, Elizabeth 2529      cottinoe@wpunj.edu
Deblasio, Mary   V4124d 2119-3800 Deblasiom@wpunj.edu
Fietelson, Marvin   V4124d 2119-3800 Fietelsonm@wpunj.edu
Gennarelli, Cindy  2529 HW 35 2529 gennarellic@wpunj.edu
Hernandez, Anel       Hernandeza@wpunj.edu
Hnasko, Amy   MCCC, LA 135   Hnaskoa@wpunj.edu
Fernandez, Mildred       fernandezm20@wpunj.edu
Keezer, Dolores   MCCC, LA 135   keezerd@wpunj.edu
Sammon, Susan       sammons@wpunj.edu
Schwartz, Gail Early Childhood Education, Literacy (MCCC) MCCC, LA 135 (609) 570-3358  schwartzg1@wpunj.edu