Elementary Ed (K-5/5-8/TSD) Major

The Elementary Education (K-5) teacher of students with disabilities and an endorsement in subject area 5-8 major is a 53 credit sequence of courses that qualifies candidates to become eligible for certification as a teacher of all subjects from kindergarten through grade five (K-5), as a teacher of student with disabilities and as a teacher in the subject specialization in grades 5-8. In addition to general education requirements, students must take an appropriate liberal arts or sciences major--English, History, Mathematics, Science, or World Languages.

Admissions Advisor: Dr. Peter Griswold
  • griswoldp@wpunj.edu
  • X3608
  • V3008 (Enter through V3010 - Department of Special Education & Counseling)
Education Advisor: Assigned upon declaration of the major.
Steps to matriculation in the Undergraduate K-5 Elementary Major and Teach of Students with Disabilities with 5-8 Endorsement
  1. Enroll as an elementary education major and as an appropriate liberal arts or sciences major as indicated by the state.
  2. Complete ANTH 2020 with at least a C grade.
  3. Pass the Writing Assessment (See the rubric used to score the writing assessment ) and complete  the Speech and Hearing Assessment (X2139).
  4. Complete PSY 1100 and PSY 2100 successfully, with at least a C grade in PSY 2100.
  5. Complete CS 2150 successfully (or pass a Proficiency Exam), only for students who entered WPU before September 2011.
  6. Obtain a NJ Substitute Teaching License.
  7. Achieve a 2.75 GPA or higher.
  8. Complete Math 1100 or Math 1090, and Math 1110 (or equivalent) before the Practicum (3rd) semester.
  9. Complete two science courses before the Practicum semester, for students entering WPU in or after September 2011.
  10. Complete two history courses before the Practicum semester, for students entering WPU in or after September 2011.
  11. The PRAXIS II exams in both Elementary Content Knowledge and the Middle School Subject(s) of Specialization must be successfully passed before entering EDUC 4140 (student teaching).
  12. Please Note : All General Education courses must be completed before beginning the practicum semester for students who entered WPU before September 2011.  For students under the University Core Curriculum (UCC) requirements, the courses in the major that meet the UCC requirements are not taken in advance.  No more than one additional course may be taken during student teaching.

Course Requirements: 3 The attached control sheet contains details about the major.  

Course Number and Title Credits
You must maintain a 2.75 cumulative GPA throughout the program, with at least a C in all major courses, and a 3.0 GPA in the education major to student teach and be recommended for certification.   
Semester 1   
(Pre-req:  Candidacy in K-5/TSD major; ANTH 2020 (or course from approved list); PSY 1100, and PSY 2100 and a 2.75 GPA)
SPC 2550 Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society  3
CIEE 2130 Teaching in a Global, Technological World 2
Semester 2
SPC 3130 Adaptive And Assistive Technologies in the Elementary Classroom 3
CIEE 3120 Literacy and Learning in Inclusive Classrooms(Contains supervised 20 hour field experience - seehttp://euphrates.wpunj.edu/faculty/rosenthalj/LiteracyCourseInformation.html for more information 3
CIEE 3110 Inclusion, Second Language Learners and Differentiated Instruction 2
CODS 3710  Language Disorders in Schools
Grade 5-8 Specialization:
CIMS 3290 Reading & Writing Across Curriculum

NOTE:  It is recommended that candidates take the Praxis II in Elementary Education:  Multiple Subjects (5031)
Semester 3  
(Pre-req:  SPC 2550; substitute license)
SPC 3520 School-Based Assessment of Diverse Populations 3
SPC 3530 Instructional Management in Diverse and Inclusive Settings 3
SPC 3540 Classroom Management in the Inclusive Classroom 3
SPEE 3550 Practicum Package A 1
Grade 5-8 Specialization:  One of the following:
CIMS 3320 Language Arts Methods/Assessment for Teaching 5-8 2
CIMS 3330 Social Studies Methods/Assessment for Teaching 5-8 2
CIMS 3340 Methods/Assessment for Teaching Mathematics in Grades 5-8 2
CIMS 3350 Science Methods/ Assessment for Teaching 5-8 2
CIMS 3360 World Languages Methods/Assessment for Teaching 5-8 2
Semester 4 1
CIEE 3010 Practicum and Seminar*+ 3
CIEE 3220 Language Arts & Social Studies Methods/Assessment for Teaching for K-5 * 2
CIEE 3260 Science Methods/Assessment for Teaching K-5* 2
CIEE 3290 Mathematics Methods & Assessment for Teaching K-5* 2
SPC 4290 Individualized Instructional Content and Strategies for Learners with Academic challenges K-5 3
Semester 5  
EDUC 4140 Student Teaching Internship, Seminar and Portfolio Assessment+ 10
SPC 4560 Lifespan Transitions:  Home, School and Community   2
NOTE:  Candidates are not permitted to enroll in more than one additional course during student teaching.


Exit Requirements
  • Complete program requirements successfully.
  • A cumulative undergraduate GPA of at least 2.75 and a GPA of 3.0 in the education courses on a 4.00 scale.