NJ Licensure and Fee Information

Application Process and Due Date:

Applications for licensure are due to the Office of Education Enrollment & Certification on or before:

 Fall Completers:  October 1
Spring Completers:  March 1
Summer Completers:  June 1

A completed licensure application contains:

  • A notarized application
  • A check or money order made out to William Paterson University with your WPUNJ ID number and phone number on it
  • A copy of your praxis scores with your social security number (preferably all four pages) so that a letter of completion can be issued to you upon successful completion of student teaching and degree posting

 Completed applications can be submitted in person to the Office of Certification located in V4112 or via mail: 

The Office of Education Enrollment & Certification

William Paterson University of NJ

1600 Valley Road, V4112

 Wayne, NJ  07470 

FAQ:  You may have some questions when you near the end of your student teaching semester, such as:

1.        I have been offered a job to begin after my student teaching experience ends, however, the school district is requiring a Letter of Completion stating I have finished the program.  How do I get one and when is it available?

Answer:  Letters of Completion are automatically generated for candidates who provided the Office of Education Enrollment & Certification passing Praxis II scores.  Letters of Completion are mailed to candidates once their degree is posted and the candidate has been recommended to the NJDOE for licensure from the Office of Certification.

2.        When does William Paterson University recommend me to the NJDOE for licensure?

Answer:  Undergraduate candidates are recommended to the NJDOE once the Registrar’s Office completes degree postings.  The university must have a copy of your cooperating teacher’s final report and your supervisor’s final report in your file (please retain a copy for your own records, so that you can provide these to the university, if needed). The bilingual endorsement (if pursued) requires evidence of passing written and oral language tests.  Graduate candidates are recommended after being cleared by their program coordinator.   The general timeline is 6-8 weeks after meeting the criteria stated above.

 3.        I went to the NJDOE website to check the status of my application, but when I entered my social security number, the prompt reads “Sorry, there are no matching applications for my social security number.”

Answer:  Only candidates who apply directly through the NJDOE for licensure on their own will be able to track their application using that system.  Only once your license has been issued will you be able to see your status using the NJDOE website.

4.        I have been notified by the Office of Education Enrollment & Certification that my licensure was not issued due to missing praxis scores, but I have taken and passed the test.  What does this mean?

Answer:  When applying to take the Praxis II assessment, you are asked to provide your Social Security number.  Since it is not required, many candidates do not include it.  When WPUNJ recommends you for licensure, the NJDOE checks to validate passing scores on the required Praxis II test but only does so by using your Social Security number.  Check your Praxis II score report for your social security number.  If there is an “I” in that section, contact ETS at 1-609-771-7395 and have your scores re-issued with your social security number included.  Also be sure to have the corrected scores sent to the NJDOE code R7666 and WPUNJ 2518.