Chalk & Wire

I. Welcome to the College of Education's Chalk and Wire Page. Below are a list of resources to assist you in purchasing, registering and setting up your chalk and wire account.

The COE has prepared written and digital directions to assist you.

Chalk & Wire is a web based e-portfolio system required for all candidates in the College of Education. Using Chalk & Wire, you can build an unlimited number of showcase or career-search portfolios while you are in school and long afterward. Your portfolio(s) can demonstrate a single skill or multiple skills. You can showcase a collection of artifacts that reveal a variety of accomplishments, as well as display how you have fulfilled assignments. You can also reveal their reflections on assessments and benchmark performance tasks required throughout your academic and working careers.

Here are the written directions with screen shots to assist you in purchasing:

 Candidates:      Candiate CW TOC and Upload Instructions pdf

 Assessors:       Assessor Quick Start Guide pdf

II. Purchasing Directions

Accounts must be purchased through the William Paterson Bookstore just like any required book for a class or program. The course number for Chalk and Wire is EDUC 1000. 

Once you purchase an account, in person or on-line, a verification code will be provided to you. If you experience any issues with your code, please contact the bookstore. The local administrator is only able to help you with issue that arise after you have logged into your C&W account.

Online: Visit our website and follow this path-        
Books > Textbooks > Select Dept: EDUC > Select Course: 1000 > Select Section: ALL > Click “Submit

       Here's a video clip to show you how to purchase:
          How to Purchase

Options for Chalk & Wire Subscriptions will appear. Select the type of Account you would like to purchase

Click on the plus sign to the right of your selection and add to cart




1-year account


2-year account


3-year account


5-year account


       Bookstore purchase:

Visit the WPU Bookstore located on the lower level of the Student Center (Main Campus 300 Pompton Road Gate #1) and ask for Chalk and Wire Account EDU 1000. 

III. Registering your account once you receive your code

Check out our video clip of how to register your account: How to Register and Login 

NOTEBE SURE TO USE YOUR WPU email address and 2) use Monaco font.On-line:

IV. Selecting your portfolio/Table of Contents (TOC) 

Once you account is registered you will need to select the correct portfolio/Table of Contents. Scroll down to your program and watch the video clip on how to select the correct portfolio/Table of Contents:

Initial teacher preparation programs 
 Initial Programs
Early Childhood P3 Undergraduate
Early Childhood with TSD Undergraduate
Elementary Education K-6 & K-6/5-8 Undergraduate
Elementary Education K-6 & K-6/5-8 Undergraduate
Art K-12 Undergraduate
Secondary English
Secondary Math
Secondary Science
Social Studies K-12 Undergraduate
World Language K-12 Undergraduate
Music Education Undergraduate
Physical Education
Physical and Health Education K-12
MAT Elementary Education K-6
MAT Secondary Art
MAT Secondary English 
MAT Secondary Math
MAT Secondary Science
MAT Secondary Social Studies
MAT Secondary World Languages
MAT Music
 Advanced Programs
(M.Ed) Educational Leadership 
(M.Ed) Literacy Education 
M.Ed C&L Bilingual Concentration
M.Ed C&L Early Childhood (P-3)
M.Ed C&L Middle and High School Math
M.Ed C&L Teaching Children Mathematics
M.Ed C&L School Library Media Specialist
*Autism Spectrum Disorders and Other Severe Disabilities
M.Ed Learning Disabilities Teaching Consultant
M.Ed Teacher of Students with Disabilities (TSD)
Special Education TSD Undergraduate 
Special Education TSD Graduate 
Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC)
Library School Media
Associate School Library Media Specialist
School Library Media Specialist
Middle School Math
Reading Specialist  
 Alt Route
Early Childhood CE (Alt Route)
MAT Secondary Art- CE (Alt Route)
MAT Secondary English- CE (Alt Route)
MAT Secondary Mathematics- CE (Alt Route)
MAT Secondary Science- CE (Alt Route)
MAT Secondary Social Studies- CE (Alt Route)
MAT Secondary World Languages- CE (Alt Route)
MAT Music- CE (Alt Route)
TSD- CE (Alt Route)
Associate School Library Media Specialist - Alternate Route
School Library Media Specialist - Alternate Route 
 Other Professional Programs
M.A Higher Education Admin
M.Ed Clinical Mental Health  
M.Ed School Counselor
 Additional Links
How to Purchase
How to Register and Login
Initial PDA
Advanced PDA
edTPA Let S17 TOC
edTPA Pearson TOC 
PDA Self-Assessment
For assessors assessing edTPA Teacher Candidates

Curriculum & Learning (M.Ed): 5 concentrations

Special Ed. (M.Ed): 3 concentrations
Library Media (4 concentrations) 
Associate School Library Media Specialist - Alternate Route
School Library Media Specialist

School Library Media Specialist - Alternate Route 

Professional Dispositions Assessment (PDA)

Once of the COE's unit assessments is the PDA. Videos were created to assist you with launching your PDA to your instructor.

Click here for the video for initial PDA:

Click here for the video for the Advanced PDA:

edTPA & ChalkandWire

CNW is the platform the COE is suing to submit your edTPA portfolio to Pearson.

Here is a video to show you how to create/upload your edTPA LET TOC:

Here is a video to show you how to create/upload you edTPA Pearson TOC:

ChalkandWire questions?

Please contact Dena Silver  or (973) 720-6240, only if you experience issues after logging into chalkandwire. The local system administrator does not provide student accounts or correct code issues. You must purchase accounts from the bookstore and/or refer code issues to the bookstore.