Professional Development Schools (PDS) create a partnership between your school and the University.  A Professor-In-Residence (PIR) is on-site once a week providing in class support whether by modeling lessons, co-teaching or leading lunch and learns.  These relationships promote a professional learning community, collaborative learning and insightful teaching practices to continuously improve student achievement.


What are the benefits of a PDS?

Stronger Sense of Professional Community: When teachers have a strong sense of professional community, their morale is better and teacher commitment is higher. Teachers collaborate more with each other and administrators.

School-Based Professional Development: PDS relationships help support innovative teaching practices and help teacher development as school leaders.

More Adults in the Classroom: With many pre-service students (practicum and student teaching) in PDSs on a regular basis, P-12 students benefit from more adults assisting in the teaching learning process.

Reflective Practice: PDSs often encourage thoughtful inquiry into teaching and learning, which fosters a reflective teaching process.

New Leadership Opportunities: Opportunities for teachers and administrators to serve as adjunct faculty and take on new leadership roles.

For additional information on Professional Development Schools

Please contact:

Nancy Norris-Bauer

Director of Professional Development and 
School/Community Partnership