Music Management Video

Music management seminar hosted by Steve Leeds featuring Monte Lipman & Jim Roppo of Republic Records

Steve Leeds speaks with Republic Records Chairman and CEO Monte Lipman and Executive V.P. of Marketing Jim Roppo about the ins and outs of running a high profile record label. The discussion covers Mr. Lipman's beginning in the record industry; what it takes to achieve a hit record and successfully launch a new artist, including analyzing various strategic approaches to marketing; differences between the multiple labels within the Universal Music Group umbrella; why reputation and music labels matter; how Mr. Lipman navigates the cultural differences among his artists; and his experiences working with The Weeknd, PSY, C2C, Blake Lewis, Alex Clare, The Bloodhound Gang, Prince, Ariana Grande, and many more.

Music management seminar hosted by Steve Leeds featuring Randy Hoffman, President & CEO, Hoffman Entertainment

Steve Leeds and Randy Hoffman of Hoffman Entertainment, Inc., have a discussion about recording artist management. Focus is placed on Mr. Hoffman's personal experiences managing John Mellencamp, Mariah Carey, Maxwell, Julio Iglesias, Hall and Oates, and others. Additional topics include Mr. Hoffman's career progression, the importance of loyalty and trust in managerial relationships with artists, managerial contracts, 360 deals, outsourcing and related expenditures, cultivating a visual image to brand an artist, how artist management has changed over the years, and the viability of aligning an artist with a commercial brand.

A symposium with Eric Bazilian and Rob Hyman of The Hooters music band

Symposium event with music band The Hooters. Program includes musical performances and discussion of issues related to the music industry: the origins and history of the band; the role regional media played in the band's success; their professional relationship with Cindi Lauper; technology's effect on music making; the origin of the band's name; music videos; international promotion; label management; the impact of music downloading; digital rights management; American Idol's placement within the industry; deal making with major record labels; the Live Aid concert; the sociopolitical responsibilities of musicians; concert expenses; Web sites as a form of advertising; the band's interest in the mandolin; and their musical influences.

Music management seminar hosted by Steve Leeds featuring special guest Pete Ganbarg, Executive V.P. of A&R, Atlantic Records

A discussion of the A&R process with Atlantic Records Executive Vice President Pete Ganbarg. Mr. Ganbarg incorporates numerous examples from his career in A&R, including how he got his start in the recording industry, working with Clive Davis, developing the careers of Bruno Mars, Wiz Khalifa, fun., Skrillex, Kelly Clarkson, Halestorm, Donna Summer, Chaka Khan, Kenny G, Vanilla Ice, and Run DMC, and behind the scenes stories of the makings of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles soundtrack, Carlos Santana's single "Smooth," Train's single "Hey, Soul Sister," and more.

Music management seminar hosted by Steve Leeds with special guest Josh Baron, co-author of Ticket Masters

Josh Baron, co-author of the book Ticket Masters, discusses the concert industry and its ticketing practices. Topics include ticket brokerage firms, subscriptions, prices, scalping, and ticketing's overall impact on the music consumer and concert-goer.

Music management seminar hosted by Steve Leeds with special guest Zack O'Malley Greenburg, author of Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went from Street Corner to Corner Office

In conjunction with the recent release of his book Empire State of Mind: How Jay-Z Went from Street Corner to Corner Office, Forbes magazine reporter Zack O’Malley Greenburg discusses Jay-Z’s business endeavors and tactics on the road toward becoming of one of contemporary music’s biggest stars. Specific topics include how Greenburg researched the book, Jay-Z’s secrecy with the media, his dealing with hangers-on and rival rappers, whether hip hop generally steers away from feminine associations, whether Jay-Z’s business investments represent the extent of his reach or are instead an attempt to build up ostensibly 2nd-rate brands, his impact on Beyonce’s career, and obstacles he faced once he secured a record deal.