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William Paterson alumnus Jim Caparro (left), president and CEO of EDC and founder of Island Def Jam Music Group with (left to right) Stephen Marcone, professor of music, students Patrick Gartland and Meghan Leavens, and Steve Leeds, vice president of talent and industry relations for Sirius Satellite Radio, who teaches a course at William Paterson.

WPUNJ Music & Entertainment Industry Student Association (MEISA)

Outstanding Alumni

Jimmy Brown Jimmy is Senior Music Editor, Guitar World Publications and has several columns in each monthly publication.

Heather Bowmaster was Marketing & Artist Development  SONY Music Group

John Butler John is Director of Contemporary Artists Development at Curb Records in Nashville.

Jessica Chung Repertory Representative, ASCAP, NYC

Sara Clarson Executive Assistant, Backlash Solutions

Sean Coogan Director of Operations, Welk Resorts

"The Music Management program at William Paterson University (College when I attended) provided me a foundation in the entertainment industry which has benefited me in business for the past twenty years. Dr. Marcone's internship program allowed me immediate experience in the entertainment field to develop my skills and network with industry personal that lead to employment. The growth of the program is a testament to its success."

Melissa DeGeorge Licensing and Publishing Assistant, Razor & Tie Music Publishing, LLC

Richard Scott DePerto Reservoir Media Management

Trisha Evans A&R/Project Coordinator (Artist on the Verge) at New Music Seminar

Shire Feingold Manager of Patron Services at Princeton Symphony Orchestra

Rob Fusari Rob is a songwriter/producer who  won a Grammy with Lady GaGa and has worked with Britney Spears and Whitney Houston. He has numerous platinum records to his credit including the soundtrack to Wild Wild West, Will Smith.

Tom Hefter Marketing Manger Service Specialist, Ticketmaster

"William Paterson University is the quintessential school for Music Management with its diverse curriculum, affiliation with high profile industry leaders, experienced teaching staff and its close proximity to New York City. I owe my entire music industry career to William Patterson University."

Rachel Hill Blue Raven Entertainment

"The Music Management program at William Paterson provided me with the proper tools to have a successful career in the music business. Their knowledgeable and highly respected staff were able to open doors and present me with opportunities that eventually led me to where I am today."

Frank Impelluso Marketing Manager, Tisch Center for the Arts at 92nd Street Y

Paul Jansson Senior Coordinator, Mechanical Licensing, EMI Music Group North America

"Like the industry itself, the Music Management Program continues to evolve, throws you into the mix, and challenges you to keep up."

Christian Johnson Manager, A&R at Universal Music Enterprises

"The program's mix of music performance and business studies played to my
two biggest passions.  It was the perfect fit."

Joanne Shenton Kelsey Vice President of Publishing Administration & Licensing at Razor & Tie.

SoYeon Kim Manager, Sphera/Universal Music Group, Korea

"Sphere/Universal Music Group is the company at which I interned during my summer vacation in Korea and after about 20 years in management I have recently joined. How surprising! I thank you for this connection."

Amanda Kober Copyright analyst for Legacy Recordings, Sony Music

"The professors in this program are the top-notch professors in the country in music business. They helped not only shape, but create my career. My master's degree could have come from any school, but because it was WPU and Marcone's team, life after graduation was a smooth transition!"

Vanessa Kropac was Senior Royalty Administrator  Sony Music Entertainment

Guilianoz Madriz Executive Director, Nation Institute of Music, Costa Rica

Andrew Magrini Social Media monitor, iCrossing

Julie Maniscalco was at Razor & Tie

Jamie McLaughlin Creative Director, Kobalt Music Publishing

David McPherson David is former Senior VP Black Music, Sony Music Inc. He was the highest ranking African-American at Sony Music.

Bob Minell TVT Records

Alana Mulford Manager, Brian Doyle Management. Clients include Rick Springfield, Rusted Root.

"The internship possibilities, hands on experiences, and networking opportunities are all things WPU gives to its students so they really understand how to function in the Music industry."

Priyan Naidoo Office Manager/Executive Assistant, Spirit Music Group

“As a result of an internship through the William Paterson music management program, I got my first job in the music industry. The program gave me a solid foundation of knowledge that I still refer to today, nearly 18 years later.”

Tim Rawding was with Bowery Presents, NYC

Jill Krug Reed Casino & Resort, Bogata

Colin Reiser, LA

Brad Rosen Project Manager,, NYC

Sean Rosenberg Global Head of Mobile at Code Worldwide

Matt Rosenblum The Bowery Presents

Chris Roslan President and Managing Partner, Dera, Roslan & Campion, Inc. Public Relations

Elena Rossiformer National Coordinator, Radio Promotion, Capitol Music Group.

"I'm a huge supporter of the Music Management program at William Paterson University. I have never seen a program with so many success stories! In fact, throughout the program (with professors that are actual industry professionals and students who have since become) I have made dozens of great contacts, that I still have, to this day."

Todd Schefflin Head of A&R and Licensing at Missing Link Music Publishing and Administration

"The Music Management program was vital to my introduction into the music business.  Not only did it provide me with the connections to get in the door, but enabled me to succeed at a very fast rate because of the knowledge I acquired through the curriculum.  The Faculty at William Paterson are active music industry professionals and teach you as such.  I am now honored to refer to these professors as my colleagues."

Lindsay Schweriner Artist Representative, Baylin Artists Management

William Storck was NARM | Business Development Coordinator

Tahese Toneywas Nielsen TV Ratings

George Tortarolo Managing Director, Festival Ballet of Providence, RI

Christine Trumbauerwas at ASCAP in New York City

Hal Weary Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Music Business, Albright College, Department of Music

Per Wikstrom Per is a personal manager in Sweden

Nick Wilson, LA

Jessica Zuluaga Coordinator, US Latin at Sony Music Entertainment