B.M. Emphasis in Music Management

dr. marcone with run Darryl "DMC" McDaniels
Dr. Stephen Marcone, Director of the Music Management Program
with Darryl "DMC" McDaniels

The Music Management program offers a general introduction to the industry, focusing on the multifaceted entertainment industry and offering course work in licensing, touring, intellectual property rights, public relations, media use, law and ethics, and personal management.

The program is designed to allow students the opportunity to develop a high level of musical competence while becoming knowledgeable about the theoretical and practical aspects of the industry.

The music portion of the curriculum maintains the core of content and standards equivalent to the other Bachelor of Music programs in the Music Department. It allows students to choose between the classical or jazz performance tracks and elect advanced music courses to support their musical goals. In addition, the Music Management courses permit students to extend their knowledge and experience into specific areas needed to become qualified industry personnel. The objectives of the program are to graduate students who:

  1. Have developed a high level of musical competence.
  2. Are knowledgeable about and are able to intelligently discuss the theoretical and practical aspects of the business, creative and legal components of the music industry.
  3. Possess the ability to analyze, coordinate, and direct the varied activities of a musical career.
  4. Have specialized according to their interests and talents.

WP faculty member Steve Leeds, composer/producer/manager Kenny Laguna, rock legend Joan Jett, Director of the Music Management Program Dr. Steve Marcone, WP faculty member David Philp
WP faculty member Steve Leeds, composer/producer/manager Kenny Laguna, rock legend Joan Jett, Director of the Music Management Program Dr. Steve Marcone, WP faculty member David Philp

The core of Music Management courses has been designed to synthesize the various elements of the course work from general education, communications, management, and music, while providing the essential information particular to the music and entertainment business. Students from any department or school may elect to be involved to the extent of their interests and availabilityof time. Internships in the center of the industry are required.

The program is appropriately based in the Music Department of the School of Arts and Communication. The department is a member of the National Association of Schools of Music and for many years has enjoyed a reputation for excellence.

Program Highlights
    • Seven Semesters of private applied music lessons
    • Seventeen credit music business core of courses
    • Cotsakos College of Business Co-Requisites (minor) that when completed results in a waiving of 18 credits of most MBA programs
    • A faculty who work in the center of the industry
    • Visiting Resident Music & Entertainment Industry Expert
    • Yearly guest lecturers by industry leaders
    • Three required internships
    • Campus located 20 miles from NYC

Visiting Resident Music Industry Experts

Industry personnel who spend the year teaching across the curriculum

Aaron Van Duyne III (2008-2009)
Dave Lory (2009-2010)
Joe Riccitelli (2010-2011)
Harvey Leeds (2011-2012)
Sean Rosenberg (2012-2013)
Steve Leeds (2013-2014)


The majority of students complete internships in the headquarters of all the transnational and many of the independent companies in New York City.

Spring Semester Seminars

Each Spring five industry heavyweights guest lecture.

Campus Atmosphere

370 acre suburban hilltop campus locate 20 miles of New York City, with full on-campus residential and recreational facilities.

Performance Opportunities

Student ensembles in jazz and classical fields.

Student Club

Music & Entertainment Student Organization (MEO) is active presenting industry events on and off campus.

Music Biz 101 & More

MusicBiz101 logo
Music Biz 101 & More is the only radio show/podcast in the United States of America that focuses on the business side of the music & entertainment biz. Hosted by WPU's Dr. Steve Marcone and Professor Dave Philp, Music Biz 101 & More combines industry-insider in-depth interviews with information students & DIY musicians want to know.

Music Biz 101 & More airs each Wednesday night, during the school year, at 8pm on WPSC - Brave New Radio (88.7 FM). Stream it live here: MusicBiz101wp.com Or download the show from your mobile device at Stitcher.com.

Recent guest lecturers have included:

Josh Baron, Kevin Liles, Craig Marks, Rob Tannenbaum, Aaron Van Duyne III, Jeff Price, Danny Goldberg, Adam Curry, Denny Tedesco, Sean Rosenberg, "Little Anthony" Gourdine, Adam Kornfeld, Dave Lory, Walt O'Brien, Derek Graham, Dave McPherson, Rob Fusari, Rob Kos, Wayne Goldberg, Daryl "DMC" McDaniels, Jerry Lembo, Bruce Carbone, Jake Slichter, George Gilbert, Ken Schlager, Dave Wolter, Jim Caparro, John Scher, Joe Riccitelli, Tom Calderone, Hanson, Jeff McClusky, Peter Thall, The Hooters, Dave Marsh, Dan Kennedy, Bruce Lundvall, Bill Werde, Al Branch, Tommy James, Brendan Toller, Fred Goodman, Jay Frank, Lesley Gore, Pater Gambarg, Paul Rosenberg, Randy Hoffman, and Monte Lipman.

What our graduates say about us:

"As a result of an internship through the William Paterson music management program, I got my first job in the music industry. The program gave me a solid foundation of knowledge that I still refer to today, nearly 18 years later." —David Philp, Game Six Entertainment, LLC; WDHA Radio

"The Music Management program at William Paterson provided me a foundation in the entertainment industry which has benefited me in business for the past twenty years. Dr. Marcone's internship program allowed me immediate experience in the entertainment field to develop my skills and network with industry personal that lead to employment. The growth of the program is a testament to its success." —Sean Coogan, Director of Operations, Welk Resorts

"William Paterson University is the quintessential school for Music Management with its diverse curriculum, affiliation with high profile industry leaders, experienced teaching staff and its close proximity to New York City. I owe my entire music industry career to William Paterson University." —Tom "Heff" Hefter, US Street Team Coordinator, Roadrunner Records

"I'm a huge supporter of the Music Management program at William Paterson University. I have never seen a program with so many success stories! In fact, throughout the program (with professors that are actual industry professionals and students who have since become) I have made dozens of great contacts, that I still have, to this day." —Elena Rossi, former National Coordinator, Radio Promotion, EMI Music.