New Music Series

new music series
Monday, November 28, 2011
7:30 PM in Shea Center's
Shea Auditorium

Suggested contribution $5
(Free for students)

featuring the
WPU Percussion Ensemble
and the
WPU New Music Ensemble

The entire 2011-2012 season is dedicated to John Cage in celebration of his centennial.


All Four’s (Opus 17) (1995) - Peter Westergaard
for percussion quartet
Travis Salim, Margaret Wright, Dominic Michelle, Daniel Graziano
Peter Jarvis - conductor

Fanfare Canon (Op. 926) (2011)* - Carson Cooman
for three percussionists
Samir Egusquiza, Joey Landry, Alan Posadas
Peter Jarvis - coach

Double Music(1961) - John Cage/Lou Harrison
for percussion quartet
Travis Salim, Michael Jaquot, Kianna Salameh, Samir Egusquiza
Gary Van Dyke – Conductor

Satie’s Hammock (2011) - Peter Jarvis
for Solo Marimba
Payton MacDonald

A Trip to the Sky (Op. 857) (1995) - Carson Cooman
for any solo or combination of instruments
Pamela Dragosh – Trombone, Anthony Fabrizio – Accordion, Daniel Graziano – Xylophone, Nicholas Jorgensen – Electric Guitar, Nadya Kourani – Violin, Ciaran O’Donnell – Trumpet Travis Salim – Marimba, Timpani, Electric Bass, Margaret Wright – Vibraphone & Chimes, Peter Jarvis – Marimba, Coach

The Right To Bear Drums (2010) - Stefan Freund
for percussion ensemble

Nikolas Doktor, Patrick Lapinsky, Michael Jacquot, Victor Goldinak, Travis Salim, Kianna Salameh, Jasmine Henry, Daniel Graziano, Joey Landry, Dominick Michele, Anthony Fabrizio, Samir Egusquiza, Steve Sarkissian
Payton MacDonald - Conductor

* world premiere