New Music Series

New Music Series 110425
Monday, April 25, 2011 
7:30 PM in Shea Center's
Shea Auditorium

Suggested contribution $5
(Free for students)

William Paterson University
College of Arts & Communication
Department of Music


New Music Series
Peter Jarvis, Director

featuring the

WPU Percussion Ensemble
and the
WPU New Music Ensemble

Dedicated to Milton Babbitt (1916 – 2011)


Life Studies (2004) - John Link
for two-channel audio

A Little Night Music (2005) - Helmut Christoferus Calabrese
for solo timpani

Nicolas Doktor

Spandrel (2010) - John Link
for two-channel audio

A cricket sang, And set the sun (2003) - Blake Tyson
for solo marimba

Dominic Michelle

Teleplay (2011)* - John Link
for two-channel audio

The Noble Snare (1988) - Stuart Saunders Smith
for solo snare drum

Vertical Taps for Morty (1987) - Udo Kasemets
for solo snare drum

Payton MacDonald

Clarinet Fantasy (2005) - John Link
for two-channel audio

Out of Doors Suite (1926) - Béla Bartók
for solo piano

Joey Latka

Organized Chaos (2011)* - Travis Salim
for percussion trio

Steve Sarkissian, Dominic Michelle, Travis Salim

Aeon (2010)* - Gene Pritsker
for vibraphone duo

John Ferrari, Peter Jarvis

From the River Within (2009)* - David Saperstein
for percussion duo

Jeffrey Rubin, Nicolas Doktor

Conun-Drum (1993) - Robert Moevs
for percussion ensemble

Nicolas Doktor, Jonathan Kubicsko, Dominic Michelle, Anthony Fabrizio, Peter Jarvis
John Ferrari - Conductor

* world premiere