New Music Series

Monday, April 18, 2011
7:30 PM in Shea Center's
Shea Auditorium

Suggested contribution $5
(Free for students)

William Paterson University
College of Arts & Communication
Department of Music


New Music Series
Peter Jarvis, Director

featuring the

WPU Percussion Ensemble
and the
WPU New Music Ensemble


Seven at Seven (1999) - Peter Jarvis
for vibraphone solo

Travis Salim
Gary Van Dyke, Peter Jarvis - coaches

Electro-ballade No. 1, Op. 1 (2011)* - Joey Latka
for electronic sound

Short Fantasy for Contrabass (1992)* - David Saperstein

Max Stehr
Peter Jarvis - coach

Vibraphone Solo II (2009) - David Saperstein
for vibraphone solo

Peter Jarvis

Tuba Solo (2010) - David Saperstein

Gary Buttery
Peter Jarvis - coach

Short Fantasy for Piano (1995)* - David Saperstein

Max Stehr

Breath (2005) - Ron Mazurek
for percussion solo and electronic sound

Margaret Wright
Peter Jarvis - coach

Tuba and Drums (2010) - Peter Jarvis
for tuba and tom-toms

Gary Buttery, Peter Jarvis

Etude no. 16 Pour Irina (1997) - György Ligeti

Christopher Bobbins

Figment V (2009) - Elliott Carter
for marimba solo

Nicolas Doktor
Peter Jarvis - coach

Cuban Concerto (2006) - Edward Freytag
for percussion ensemble

Steve Sarkissian, Nicolas Doktor, Dominic Michele, Jasmine Henry, Anthony Fabrizio, Kiana Salameh, Travis Salim, Joseph Barile
Max Stehr – Bass Guitar
Anthony O’Connor – Snare Drum Soloist
Gary Van Dyke Conductor

* world premiere