New Music Series

New Music 2011.02.07
Monday, February 7, 2011 
7:30 PM in Shea Center's
Shea Auditorium

Suggested contribution $5
(Free for students)


Composers Concordance
Silence is Unhealthy

Composers Concordance: Dan Barret – Cello, Larry Goldman – Bass, Franz Hackl – Trumpet, Dave Taylor – Bass Trombone, Gene Pritsker – Guitar, co-director Peter Jarvis – Percussion


Quantum Mechanical - Gene Pritsker
for cello, electric guitar and electric bass

The Only Reason for Time - John Clark
for cello, electric guitar and electric bass

Design - Dan Cooper
for cello, electric guitar and electric bass

Elohai N'Shomo - David Taylor
for bass trombone and drums

"Dahier" Brass for 2 - Franz Hackl
for trumpet and bass trombone

Charms & Chasms* - Carlton Wilkinson
for solo percussion

In the Night Garden Op. 865 (2010) - Carson Cooman
Virelai for solo marimba

Silence is Unhealthy - Gene Pritsker
for trumpet, bass trombone, cello and electric guitar

Sound Liberation Improvisation - Gene Pritsker
Composers Concordance Ensemble

* world premiere

The Composers Concordance is a presenting organization for contemporary music by primarily living American composers. We strive to give opportunities to composers to have their works heard in a concert hall or a club setting and aim to present music in innovative ways with a thematic emphasis. We have a 26 year history of featuring women and minority composers as part of our natural mix. We arrange performers from a core group we have worked with over the years, but also are open to featuring performers who are recommended by composers and who are interested in championing their work. Our overriding vision is to see contemporary music, composers and new works as a rightful and respected part of society.