Audition Requirements :: B.A. in Music

bass player

Auditions for all B.A. programs are on-line only. Applicants must upload an audition recording to Decision Desk with their Music Department application.

Requirements for all instruments including electric guitar and electric bass (except voice and percussion):

  1. Perform the following major scales: C major, G major, D major, F major, B-flat major. (Keyboard players must perform with two hands simultaneously.)
  2. Perform a prepared piece in any style.

Requirements for voice

  1. Sing a one-octave scale
  2. Perform a prepared piece in any style

Requirements for percussion

  1. Demonstrate single, double, and closed rolls on snare drum
  2. Perform a prepared piece in any style

Although all performance auditions for the B.A. music degree are on-line only, an on-campus placement test in piano proficiency is required. Please select a test date from the application.