BM Degrees (Jazz)

Steps to Apply Now!


You should have already applied to William Paterson University. If you haven’t please do so HERE.


You should have received an email with instructions for applying to the Department of Music at William Paterson University which includes your Student ID#.


The applicant must submit an audio recording for the Jazz portion of the audition and attend an in-person Classical audition.

  • [Classical] Performance audition requirements are HERE.
  • Jazz Audition Requirements are HERE.

Log into Slideroom to complete the Music Department Application. Here you will do the following:

  • Upload a recorded audio audition (Jazz)
  • Specify which live [Classical] audition date you would like to attend.
  • Upload an essay, approximately 300 words, describing your personal, artistic, and career goals (Word or PDF only).
  • Upload a list of major [Classical] solo material and repertoire studied during the past three years (Word or PDF only).
  • Please provide two names and emails from references. One reference must be a music educator or studio teacher.

Please note that for Jazz music degrees, the deadline for submission of Music Department applications for Fall 2016 matriculation (including all supplementary materials) is February 1, 2016. There are no live auditions for these degree programs; only audio recordings are accepted. Spring matriculation is only available for the following instruments: bass, piano and brass instruments. The deadline for submission of Music Department applications (including all supplementary materials) for Spring 2016 matriculation is November 1, 2015.

International Students:

Please go to the website for the Office of International Students and Scholars for additional requirements. Please send all completed documentation to the Office of International Students and Scholars.