Theatre & Comedy

Ever fantasize about performing on Broadway or in television’s premier sketch show Saturday Night Live? Writing for the stage or the professional comedy market? Doing stand-up at Gotham Comedy Club in NYC? The Theatre & Comedy Minor offers students the opportunity to learn skills in performing, writing and working technically in theatre and comedy. Put your talents to the test-- train to present yourself, collaborate with others, and create outstanding theatre and comedy as part of your educational experience.

This is an 18-credit course of study, with a 9-credit core and 9 credits of electives. 

All courses are 3 credits.


COMM 1020 Acting I
COMM 2800 Theatre Workshop
COMM 2760 Sketch Comedy Writing & Performing

Select three of the following:

COMM 2170 Scenery Construction & Design
COMM 2600 Oral Interpretation
COMM 2640 Voice & Speech Production
COMM 2700 Acting II
COMM 2740 Acting for Camera
COMM 2730 Fundamentals of Comedy Writing & Performing: Stand-up
COMM 2780 Comedy Improv in Performance
COMM 2830 Playscripts
COMM 2850 Musical Theatre
COMM 3730 Fundamentals of Comedy Writing & Performing: Stand-up II
COMM 3760 Comedy Writing for Prime Time Television: Situation Comedy
COMM 3770 Directing for Stage & Media
COMM 4560 Playwriting
Other courses by department approval

For further information contact:
Professor Stroppel
Hobart Hall, Room 211