International Cinema

The primary goal of the Minor in International Cinema, jointly housed in the departments of Languages and Cultures and Communication, is to provide students with a multi-cultural approach to the study of the history and aesthetics of the world cinema with a particular emphasis on issues of ideology, ethnicity, race, and gender across cultures.

For more information about the interdisciplinary Minor in International Cinema, contact Dr. Bruce Williams, 973-720-3654, or Dr. Jamsheed Akrami-Ghorveh, 973-720-2168,

The minor is 18-credits, with 6 credits of two core courses and 12 credits of electives, open to all students.

All courses are 3 credits.


COMM 2340 Film as a Medium
COMM 2350 Film as Crosscultural Communication

Select 4 of the following: 

ARTH 3330 History of Film (Cross-listed as COMM 343)
ASN 3070 Modern Indian Literature & Film (Cross-listed as HNDI 3070)
CHIN 3750 Contemporary Chinese Cinema
COMM 2360 Film and Civic Engagement
COMM 3230 Film Aesthetics and Criticism
COMM 4330 Film Genre: National and International Perspectives
COMM 3990 Italian and Italian-American Cinema
FR 3700 French Cinema
FR 3710 Francophone Cinema
HIST 3640 Japanese History through Cinema
JPAN 3020 Japanese Film and Literature
SPAN 371 Nation, Exile, and Social Marginalization in the Cinema of Spain
SPAN 3720 Cinema of Spain
SPAN 3740 Changing Latin American Cinema (Cross-listed as LAS 3740)
SPAN 4870 Seminar on Hispanic Cinema
URBN 3790 Urban Spaces in Cinema
WS 3400 Media Representation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender

For further information contact:
Professor Akrami
Hobart Hall, Room 107

Professor Bruce Williams
Languages and Cultures
Atrium 217 A