Films Studies

The Minor in Film Studies intends to provide students with an opportunity for an education in cinema studies. The minor offers a variety of courses in film theory, aesthetics, history, genres, and social function of films to a range of students in major areas of study in the Communication Department or other departments across the campus.

This is  an 18-credit minor, with 9 credits of three core courses and 9 credits of electives.

All Courses are 3 credits.


COMM 234 Film as a Medium
COMM 2350 Film as Crosscultural Communication
COMM 3340 Documentary and Non-fiction Film

Select three from the following:

COMM 2330 Sound as a Medium
COMM 2360 Film and Civic Engagement
COMM 3200 Media Criticism
COMM 3230 Film Aesthetics and Criticism
COMM 4310 Screenwriting
COMM 4330 Film Genre: National and International Perspectives
COMM 4340 Current Cinema
ARTH 3330 History of Film (Cross-listed as COMM 343)
WGS 3400 Media Representation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender

An approved film course from another dept.

For further information contact:
Professor Akrami
Hobart Hall, Room 107