Theatre & Comedy

Theatre & Comedy students focus on the arts of theatre and comedy, both academically and experientially. In theatre classes, such as Acting, Directing, and Playwriting, students learn historical and contemporary theories of theatre as they act in improvisations and scenes, direct fellow students, and write staged plays. In comedy classes, such as the Fundamentals of Comedy Writing and Performing: Stand-up I, they learn theories of comedy as they write and perform their final stand-up exam at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City; in Sketch Comedy Writing and Performing, they replicate the process by which Saturday Night Live skits are developed and enacted. Live performance, writing, research, and collaborative learning are the hallmarks of this program as students develop skills in presentation and creativity, and learn how to utilize them in all media. Requirements include performing in and working on University Theatre productions.

All Majors must take these two courses—6 credits

1. COMM 1190 Survey of Communication Studies & Practice
(Note: COMM 1190 should be the first course taken in the major.)

2. COMM 4456 Capstone (permit)

***** All classes are 3 Credits, unless otherwise noted*****

(18 CREDITS - The following should be completed before taking Capstone.)

Directed Elective--Theatre & Comedy students must take COMM 1010 Experiencing Theatre as part of their GE/UCC program. (A2)

COMM 1020 Acting I
COMM 1150 Theatre Production Lab (1 credit)
COMM 1170 Theatre Performance Lab (1 credit)
(COMM 1150 and COMM 1170 must be taken for a total of three credits in one of the following ways: COMM 1150 twice and COMM 1170 once OR COMM 1150 once and COMM 1170 twice.)
COMM 2740 Acting for Camera (Prereq COMM 1020)
COMM 2760 Sketch Comedy Writing & Performing
COMM 2830 Playscripts (Prereq COMM 1010)
COMM 3770 Directing for the Stage (Prereq COMM 1020)

(15 CREDITS – Choose five from the list below.)

COMM 2600 Oral Interpretation
COMM 2640 Voice & Speech Production
COMM 2700 Acting II (Prereq COMM 1020)
COMM 2720 Acting III (Prereq COMM 2700)
COMM 2730 Fundamentals of Comedy Writing & Performing: Stand up
COMM 2780 Comedy: Improvisation in Performance
COMM 3720 Comedy Writing, Producing & Performing for Late Night Television
COMM 3730 Comedy Writing & Performing II: Stand-up (Prereq COMM 2730)
COMM 3760 Comedy Writing for Prime Time Television: Situation Comedy
COMM 2170 Scenery Construction & Design
COMM 2800 Technical Theatre Workshop
COMM 2900 Technical Theatre Workshop II (Prereq COMM 2800)
COMM 3300 Communication Internship (Permit)
COMM 2850 Musical Theatre
COMM 3840 Golden Ages of Theatre
COMM 3880 American Theatre & Drama (Prereq COMM 1010)
COMM 3890 Drama for Children
COMM 4560 Playwriting (Prerq ENG 1100) (WI)
ENG 2140 Contemporary Drama
AWS 2130 African, African American & Caribbean Theatre

COMM 3300/3301 Internship.

And other courses by advisement.

*(WI) = Writing Intensive
*(TI) = Technology Intensive
*(A1) = Area 1
*(A2) = Area 2
*(A3) = Area 3
*(A4) = Area 4
*(A5) = Area 5
*(A6) = Area 6

To learn more, watch these videos created by WPU Media Production students: