Internship Profiles

Jessica Frank
Jessica Frank '16 Media Production Townsquare Media (WXKW New Jersey 101.5)

If you’ve seen Townsquare Media’s Big Yellow Van driving around town, William Paterson University’s own Jessica Frank might just be in the passenger seat. The communication major is currently interning at WXKW New Jersey 101.5 where she spends her days promoting the station, traveling to entertainment events and posting content to their official website.

Jenna Kapsis
Jenna Kapsis '15 Marketing Major Public Relations Minor Bauer Publishing

As an intern for Bauer Publishing, public relations minor Jenna Kapsis always has the scoop on celebrity gossip. Jenna is putting her skills to work at InTouch, Life&Style and Closer Weekly magazines where she gets a first-hand look at the fast-paced world of entertainment news.

Shawn Maguire
Shawn Maguire 2015 Broadcast Journalism Ferro Productions

My name is Shawn Maguire and I am a broadcast journalism student. I was able to obtain an internship with Ferro Productions, a company that assists the New York Giants in the production side of the team.

 I actually found the internship because my sister knew someone who worked within the company. I was able to land an interview but everything from that point forward was reliant on me.

 I love the internship and enjoy every minute I am there. One really cool thing about it is that I get to see the Giants players and coaches on a daily basis, which I never thought would be possible. I am lucky to have this opportunity and I hope to take in as much from it as I can.


Megan Galema
Megan Galema 2015 Marketing Major Reachability LLC

At Reachability LLC, Megan Galema is getting hands-on experience working for a marketing startup. When she’s not creating content for the company’s clients, she’s taking a break to hang out with the office’s dogs.


Chelsea Alcock
Chelsea Alcock 2015 Media Studies Greenpop

Some students commute to their internships, Chelsea Alcock flew to Cape Town, South Africa. Working with environmental group Greenpop has allowed Chelsea to follow her passion for volunteer work, travel and social enterprise, all at the same time.

Meagan Murphy
Meagan Murphy '15 Public Relations Zoco Productions (The Dr. Oz Show)

Public Relations major Meagan Murphy is getting an up-close look at the Dr. Oz show as she participates in hands-on behind-the-scenes work for Zoco Productions.

Diamond Hannibal
Diamond Hannibal 2015 Public Relations The American Cancer Society

Diamond is gaining great experience at the American Cancer Society as their Relay for Life Fundraising Intern.

Valissa Hicks
Valissa Hicks 2016 Public Relations The Baddish Group

Valissa Hicks is spending her summer in the heart of Midtown Manhattan working for the Baddish Group, a public relations firm known for their food and beverage marketing.

Ian Wolsten
Ian Wolsten 2016 Media Production IFC/The Chris Gethard Show

Media Production major Ian Wolsten  is keeping busy this summer splitting his time between 2 different internships. One at the Fusion Network, working on The Chris Gethard Show and the other at IFC, working in their Original Programming Dept.

Alexandra Valentino
Alexandra Valentino 2016 Public Relations PR Revolution

Alexandra Valentino is kicking off her career in public relations with an internship at PR Revolution where relaxed office atmosphere and hands-on work opportunities are giving her an introduction to the industry.

Vienna Castrignano
Vienna Castrignano '16 Media Production The Rachael Ray Show

Vienna is so excited to be a part of The Rachael Show's fast paced and exciting atmosphere where everyday is different. She even gets to rub elbows with some celebs!

Dylan Schley
Dylan Schley 2016 Media Production ABC: "The Chew"

Dylan is in his second semester with "The Chew".

Kristina Sternesky
Kristina Sternesky 2017 Public Relations University Galleries at William Paterson University

What is a typical day at your internship like?

Since our first show of the smelter just started, a typical day at the internship involves compiling various mailing lists. We send small press kits to museums and libraries that include press releases, a catalog of the current show, and a postcard that details the location and hours of the University Galleries. We also mail out catalogs and press releases to anyone on our mailing list, as well as send out email blasts. Right now, everything we do is to promote our new shows “Traces of Time” and “Ebb and Flow.” I also handle the social media and post updates about the shows as well as create Facebook events to alert the public when the gallery will be hosting an artist talk or gallery opening, or some other event that is planned during the course of the semester

James Nuzzo
James Nuzzo 2016 Media Production Fox Business Network

What is a typical day at your internship like?

I come into the Fox News Building on 1211 Avenue of the Americas at 10:00am and immediately go up to the 12th floor. I sit in the production meeting with the anchor, producers, writers and production assistants for Risk & Reward with Deirdre Bolton on Fox Business Network. We discuss what the day’s show will consist of and talk about our ideas. After the meeting, I spend most of my day at my desk where I write and edit small video packages and sound bytes that we will use on the show. I maintain the rundown of the show to see if there’s anything I can help with. At 4:45pm, I go downstairs to the studio. I set up the green room for any live guests and give the anchor her scripts right before we film. At 5:00pm, we go live and I am in the control room for the show controlling the graphics system that maintains the stocks we’re using for that show.




Laurel Smith
Laurel Smith 2017 Media Production News 12 New Jersey  

What is a typical day at your internship like?

I work as a Graphics intern, so I come in and see if they have any graphic requests when I get there. If they do, I will either do them under the supervision of the graphics operator or I will shadow them as they do it. They usually let me do it unless it’s a map, which they are currently training me on how to make so maybe by the end of my internship I will be able to do those as well. If there aren’t any requests, they will show me how to use some of the programs they use. I also have the opportunity to shadow the control room at times.

Heather Cook
Heather Cook 2016 Media Production Discovery Communications

What is a typical day at your internship like?

On a typical day at Investigation Discovery, I get to read the rough drafts of scripts, contribute editorial notes, attend production meetings where the producers discuss how to fine tune each script, write blog content for Destination America’s website, and assist with green screen shoots. 

Nicole Darrah
Nicole Darrah 2016 Broadcast Journalism WABC-TV, Eyewitness News

What is a typical day at your internship like?

I work with 7 On Your Side, which is the troubleshooting unit of Eyewitness News.  The main aspect of my internship is to find good stories we can help solve that would make good television.  So on a typical day I’ll enter the newsroom, sit down at my desk and start reading through emails viewers have sent us.  Once I’ve read through everything, I’ll start making phone calls to people – ask about their situation, look for documents to prove their side of the story – basically dig a little deeper to see if we’re able to help them.  Once I think I have enough information, I’ll pitch the story to our producer who will give his feedback.  If he likes it, he’ll take the story from there and work his TV producer magic to get the situation resolved.  A couple of my stories have even made it to air!

Eric Shawn Dargis
Eric Shawn Dargis 2017 Media Production Comedy Central

What is a typical day at your internship like?

My day consists of creating posts and content for Comedy Central shows during the bridge period between seasons. Some days I'll assist with creating memes and GIFs. This means I get to watch unaired episodes of shows for hours, weeks before they come out.

Lucas Walsh
Lucas Walsh 2016 Media Production CNBC

What is a typical day at your internship like?


What's great about this internship at CNBC is that everyday is a new experience.  Each day I can shadow three to five different positions.  It's not an internship where you're doing the same thing everyday.  My internship is officially under the Technical Operations department at CNBC.  This includes most of the behind the scenes production positions for the show.  For the first couple of months, I shadowed dozens of different positions from operating a camera to directing the show. On top of the different jobs, I also get to go out to different CNBC locations. In the last two weeks, I spent a day at the NASDAQ and another at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). After the first couple of months, I got to choose an area of focus that I wanted to be in.

Victoria Saavedra
Victoria Saavedra 2017 Public Relations BET Networks, Viacom Inc.

What is a typical day at your internship like?

The typical day at BET can vary depending on whether or not we are working on an award show or series. Recently, I have been working daily on the press logistics and production for our upcoming award show. I have been responsible for writing and editing press releases that are being published on PR sites and national media. I also work daily on making a media list for my team to use for our PR efforts, which is something I find fun to do!