Internship Profile

Victoria Saavedra
Victoria Saavedra 2017
Major: Public Relations
Company: BET Networks, Viacom Inc.

What is a typical day at your internship like?

The typical day at BET can vary depending on whether or not we are working on an award show or series. Recently, I have been working daily on the press logistics and production for our upcoming award show. I have been responsible for writing and editing press releases that are being published on PR sites and national media. I also work daily on making a media list for my team to use for our PR efforts, which is something I find fun to do! 

How did you find out about/get the position?

I found out about this position through Viacom’s website and applied through there.


What is your favorite part of working for this organization?

I love the atmosphere and, most of all, the team I work with. They are a fun and very prepared group of people who have been great with explaining something I may not understand. It has been great to learn from professionals who have been in the entertainment PR industry for many years. They are also great with feedback, which is my favorite part about internships. Learning from mistakes and getting feedback has helped me become a better PR professional, and I know everything I have learned will be with me well into my first job. I am able to be very hands on throughout every step, and it makes me glad I chose my field of work.


How have your experiences at the WPUNJ Communication Department prepared you for your internship?

The WPUNJ Communication Department has been a great support for my internship. My professors and advisors helped me prepare for my interview. I learned a lot in their classes that truly resonated with me and I have used during my internship. I have learned a lot of different writing techniques in my classes and all of my professors have taught me something new.



What have you learned at your internship?

There is a lot that I have learned at my internship, but the most recent thing I learned was that it’s very important to take initiative in helping your team. Showing you’re able to lend someone a hand and be proactive will impress your team and help you succeed in a job.


Have you had any cool or exciting experiences happen on the job?

The most exciting experience for me was our award show. It was exciting to work a red carpet and be around talent who I have looked up to my whole life. Working on the award show and seeing it executed a very rewarding experience.