Amaryllis Muniz, ‘16

Assistant Director of Marketing at Bloomfield College

“The program has allowed me to advance in my career in marketing and has inspired me to continue learning more about my field. The courses, professors and mentors within the program have continued to encourage me academically and within the workplace.”


Peter Schauer, ‘13

Digital Marketing Manager at SEMGeeks

“I entered the PCOM program not really knowing what I wanted to do. I left the program knowing I’d be successful at whatever I ended up doing.”


Rebecca Costantini, ‘16

Associate Development Editor at John Wiley and Sons Publishing

“The PCOM program has provided me with a foundation to succeed in my career and hone my skills as a professional and student in personalized classroom settings led by talented faculty.”


Izabella De Souza, ‘14

Senior Marketing Manager at Appeagle

“Getting my MA in Professional Communication from WPU was a great decision. It has made me more marketable as a job seeker and more skilled as a marketer.”


Sean Donovan, ‘12

Partner Marketing Specialist at iCMS

“My MA in Corporate and Strategic Communications has helped me fine-tune my writing skills and become comfortable presenting to large audiences. The program prepared me to successfully organize and execute marketing campaigns and initiatives in the workforce.”


Gabriela Mera, ‘16

Freelance Booking/Modeling Agent

“The industry I’m in changes every day. The PCOM program is helping me keep current on trends while becoming as educated and prepared as possible.”


Katherine Barnet, ‘14

Associate Brand Manager at Time, Inc.

“The PCOM program allowed me to learn more about integrating new marketing techniques and communicating in the right ways on social media. The faculty truly cares about the students in the program and their successes, both academically and professionally.”


Marc Piro, ‘13

Senior Vice President of Marketing/Public Relations at Regional Bank                              

“I enrolled in the PCOM program specifically to develop my working knowledge of social media practices, strategies and applications. I applied the lessons learned to develop enterprise-wide social media policies and procedures.”


Jacqueline Anderson, ‘13

Executive Producer at The Wendy Williams Show

“I was able to tailor the assignments in each of my courses to center around my existing career in television production. This flexibility gave me the opportunity to combine my existing professional experience with my graduate studies to help me further my career.”


Michael Frodella, ‘12

Executive Director at Park Avenue Club

“I implemented my new public relations and social media knowledge right away, modernizing the way we communicate with our members.”