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The Master of Arts in Professional
At William Paterson University

Student Outcomes

After completion of the program, the graduating student receives a Master of Arts in Professional Communication. This official document proves that that the student has achieved academic excellence and an applied professional degree.

In addition, students will have mastered:

  • The understanding of the role of effective writing and digital technology within a professional communication setting, and a thorough knowledge of both disciplines
  • Effective personal expression in written, oral and digital forms, as well as well-developed critical thinking skills within diverse professional communication settings
  • The creation of a body of work in written and digital forms in a professional or scholarly portfolio
  • The ability to successfully demonstrate management-level interpersonal, leadership and strategic decision-making skills
  • Contemporary, comprehensive knowledge in the legal and ethical dimensions of corporate communication

Click the photo below to view the 2012 MaProCom Graduation Gallery.

2012 Graduates of the Master's in Professional Communication Program