Department of Communication

Casey Lum


Office:   Hobart Hall 212
Phone:   (973) 720-2342
Office Hours:  

Department: Communication
Position: Professor
Area Specialization: Media Studies, Professional Communication

B.A., Hong Kong Baptist University
M.A., The New School
Ph.D., New York University

Areas of Teaching:
Media and Society, Media Ecology, Global Media and Communication, New Communications, Asian/American Media, Media History, Urban Communication, Media Research, Intercultural Communication, Professional Communication, Food Culture as Communication

Research Interests:
Media Ecology, Urban Communications, Food Culture as Communication, Mass Media and Society, Global Media and Cultures, Popular Media and Culture, Asian/American Media and Culture, Media and Education, the Ethnography of Media Uses, Intellectual History of Communication Scholarship, International Education, Cultural Communication

Professional and Service Activities:
Dr. Casey Lum has been an active contributor to the discipline in his diverse leadership roles at professional associations on both the national (United States) and international levels.

  • He has served or is serving on the editorial board of a number of refereed journals, such as Critical Studies in Media Communication (formerly Critical Studies in Mass Communication), Journal of Asian Pacific Communication, Speech Communication Annual, Explorations in Media Ecology, Culture and Communication, etc. He has reviewed manuscripts for several other academic journals, such as Ethnomusicology, New Jersey Journal of Communication, International Journal of Intercultural Relations, International and Intercultural Communication Annual, Journal of Intercultural Communication Studies, Free Speech Yearbook, The Howard Journal of Communications, and Journal of Chinese Communication Studies. He has been an external reviewer of book proposals for the Oxford University Press, the Cambridge University Press, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, and Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group.
  • Professor Lum is one of the Developmental Advisers in the Department. He has also served and is serving on a continuous basis in various committee roles in the Department of Communication and the College of Art and Communication, and across the campus on the University level. His community services included volunteer works in local schools and non-profit media venues. Dr. Lum has also shared his research in non-academic venues such as various print and electronic media (e.g., TIME)


Lum, Casey M. K. (Ed.). (2006a). Perspectives on Culture, Technology and Communication: The Media Ecology Tradition. Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press. [Winner, Lewis Mumford Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Technics, The Media Ecology Association, 2006]

Lum, Casey M. K. (Ed.). (2008). Perspectives on Culture, Technology and Communication: The Media Ecology Tradition. Translated in Korean by Dr. Dong-Hoo Lee (University of Incheon). Seoul, Korea: Hannarae Publishing Company. [This edition has been selected by the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Korea (South Korea) as one of the “excellent books related to the fields of humanities, social sciences, and other areas” in 2009.]

Lum, Casey M. K. (Ed.). (2007a). Perspectives on Culture, Technology and Communication: The Media Ecology Tradition. Translated in Chinese by Professor Daokuan He (Shenzhen University, China). Beijing, China: Peking University Press. [This is the simplified Chinese edition in China of Lum (2006a) with a special Editor’s Preface and Translator’s Preface.]

Lum, Casey M. K. (1996). In Search of a Voice: Karaoke and the Construction of Identity in Chinese America. Foreword by Neil Postman. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Select Journal Articles and Book Chapters:
Lum, Casey M. K., & Lee, Dong-Hoo. (2010). Understanding Outdoor Advertising in Global City Centers: Two Exploratory Case Studies from Hong Kong and Seoul. In Harvey Jassem, Susan Drucker, & Gene Burd (Eds.), The Urban Communication Reader II (pp. 173-192). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

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Lum, Casey M. K. (2006c). Epilogue: The Next Generation(s). In Casey M. K. Lum (Ed.), Perspectives on Culture, Technology and Communication: The Media Ecology Tradition (pp. 389-394). Cresskill, New Jersey: Hampton Press.

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Lum, Casey M. K. (2006e). Voice: In Search of a Voice. In Department of English of the University of Tokyo (Ed.), On Campus (pp. 68-80) with an Introduction by Jun Ishibashi. Tokyo: The University of Tokyo Press. [This is a reprint of excerpts from Lum (1996) above.]

Lum, Casey M. K. (2003). A Brief History of Media Ecology’s Intellectual Origins in North America [in Chinese]. China Media Report, 4(2), 4-16. [Lead article]

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A Select List of Upcoming Publications:
Lum, Casey M. K. (Forthcoming). Regionalism and Communication: Voices from the Chinese Diaspora. In Alberto Gonzalez, Marsha Houston & Victoria Chen (Eds.), Our Voices: Essays in Culture, Ethnicity, and Communication, 5th ed. New York: Oxford University Press

Lum, Casey M. K., & Haratonik, Peter L. (In press). An International Comparative Study of Xintiandi in Shanghai and South Street Seaport in New York City. In Jianlong Yang (Ed.), Urban Culture and Urban Life in Shanghai and New York City [in Chinese. Shanghai, China: The Development Research Center of Shanghai People’s Municipal Government and the Urban Culture Research Center of Shanghai Normal University.

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