Previous Maltese Winners

Here are the results of the 2011-2012 Maltese Awards:


Best Male DJ
Michael Pierre (DJ Michael Medium)

Best Female DJ
Kaitlyn Fischer (K Fish)

Best Manager
Tarick Qasem

Best New On-Air Talent
Eric Dolan

Best Specialty Music Show Talent
Gone Country - Clayton Caldwell

Best Braveology Talent
Carolina Rodriguez (DJ Creep)

Best Talk Show Talent
The Monday Morning Blend - Stephan Bisaha (Nervous Stephie B)

Best Radio News Anchor
Lindsay Downs

Best Sports Announcer
Allan Simon

WPSC Spirit Award 
Kaitlyn Fischer


Theatre and Comedy:

Best Male Actor
Emeka Nwafor

Best Female Actor
Deanna GraciCirincione

Best Ensemble Performance
Cast of Reckless

Best Male Comic
Chikezie Onyenso

Best Female Comic
Tara Dernelle



Best Show
Sports Junkies

Best Producer
Rebecca Lindsay, American Controversial

Best Director
Connor Lloyd, Stop Laughing & Sports Junkies

Best Technical Director
David “DJ” Montroni, Sports Junkies

Best Audio
Mike Zeoli, Jammin’ TV

Best Camera
Eric Intili, Sports Junkies

Best Talent
Eric Dolan, Sports Junkies 

Best Postproduction
Kristen Martin, Sports Junkies

Best Scriptwriting
Rick Rosen, Sports Junkies

Rookie of the Year
Daniel Murphy 

Spirit Award
Dana Schaeffer 

Most Improved Show
Stop Laughing



Best Film - Beginner
“Behind Closed Eyes” by Cecilia Potenza

Best Film - Alternative
“The All American Pizza Hut Family Box Eating Challenge” by Peter Cosma

Best Film - Advanced
“A Thousand Words” by Fernando Xelo



Best Editor
Shannon Smith

Best Online Editor
Alaina Blekicki

Here are the results of the 2010-2011 Maltese Awards:


Best Male DJ
Jim Fisher

Best Female DJ
Dana Schaeffer

Best Manager
Alyssa Hamade

Best Non-Student DJ
Barry Stoll

Best New On-Air Talent
Clayton Caldwell

Best Specialty Music Show Talent
The Wrap Up - Tarick Qasem

Best Braveology Talent
Angela Parente

Best Talk Show Talent
Jersey Fresh - Patrick Boyle

Best Radio News Anchor
Crystal Ghiraldi

WPSC Spirit Award
Kaitlyn Fischer


Theatre and Comedy:

Best Male Actor
Bryan Morales for Crumbs from the Table of Joy and Antigone

Best Female Actor
Nicole Repekta for Antigone and A Thurber Carnival

Funniest Male Performer
Rick Rosen

Funniest Female Performer
Elisa Greenberg


Entertainment and Comedy TV:

Best Show
Press Play

Best Producer
Ryan Magee, Press Play

Best Director
Nick Hawryluk, Press Play

Best Technical Director
Chris Carlo, Jammin’ TV

Best Audio Operator
Mark Steinmetz, Jammin’ TV

Best Camera Person
Micah McCaskey, Press Play

Best Talent
Charlie McDonald, Divide and Conquer

Best Post Production
Nick Hawryluk, Press Play

Best Scriptwriter
Ross Azner, Divide and Conquer


News and Advocacy TV:

Best Show
Sports Junkies

Best Producer
Pat Sunday, Entertainment Weekly

Best Director
Mark Fleming, Sports Junkies

Best Technical Director
David Montroni, Entertainment Weekly

Best Audio Operator
Pat Sunday, American Controversial

Best Camera Person
Andrew Shapiro, Sports Junkies

Best Talent
Andy Carr, Sports Junkies

Best Post Production
Rebecca Lindsay, American Controversial


TV Club Awards:

Rookie of the Year
David Montroni

WPTV Spirit Award
Brandon Batac


Film Awards:

Alternative Category
Rebecca Lindsay, Grazie

Film/TV Class Category
Romney Rosario, The Monsters We Defy


Here are the results of the 2009-2010 Maltese Awards:


Best Male DJ, Kevin Bruns, WPSC FM 88.7

Best Female DJ, Belinda Winters-Rosen, WPSC FM 88.7

Best Manager, Patrick Boyle, WPSC FM 88.7

Best Non-Student DJ, Yelica Laverde, WPSC FM 88.7

Best New On-Air Talent, Stephan Bisaha, WPSC FM 88.7

Best Specialty Music Talent, Tarick Qasem , “The Wrap-Up”, WPSC FM 88.7

Best Braveology Talent, Allon Levin, WPSC FM 88.7

Best Talk Show Talent, John Colianni , “Two Guys One Mic” WPSC FM 88.7
Best Talk Show Talent, Sean Kelly, “Two Guys One Mic”, WPSC FM 88.7

WPSC Spirit Award, Steven Radovanovich, WPSC FM 88.7

Best Radio News Anchor, Dan Jones, WPSC FM 88.7


Theatre and Comedy:

Best Male Comic, Chandler Scales, Theater and Comedy

Best Female Comic, Lauren Cucci, Theater and Comedy

Best Acting Performance, Celestine Dupree for "The Clean House", Theater and Comedy

Best Musical Theatre Performance, Nicole Repekta for "And the World Goes 'Round", Theater and Comedy


Entertainment and Comedy TV:

Best Show, Jammin'

Best Producer, Keith Gerard, Divide and Conquer

Best Director, Dominick Chierico, Jammin'

Best Technical Director, Erica Klumpp, Entertainment Weekly

Best Audio Operator, Nicholas Demonte, Jammin'

Best Floor Manager, Ross Azner, Divide and Conquer

Best Camera Operator, Anthony Moscaritola, Jammin'

Best Host, Steve Eccles, Previously Recorded

Best Graphic Design, Keith Gerard, College Cooking

Best Editor, Stefania Orru, Entertainment Weekly

Best Scriptwriter, Paul Toumey, College Cooking


News and Advocacy TV:

Best Show, Sports Junkies

Best Producer, Scott Cunnneely, Sports Junkies

Best Director, Craig Shom, American Controversial

Best Technical Director, Dexter Carlo, WPTV Sports

Best Audio Operator, Nicolas Demonte, WPTV Sports

Best Floor Manager, Chris George, American Controversial

Best Camera Operator, Mark Fagnano, WPTV Sports

Best Host, Esra Qawasmi, Live at Five

Best Graphic Design, Joslyn Martinez, WPTV Sports

Best Editor, Corey Curasco, Sports Junkies

Best Scriptwriter, Paul Cwiakala, American Controversial


Other Awards:

Rookie of the Year, Christian Noble

Special Contributions, Andrew Adams

Most Improved Talent, Tom Corigliano

Spirit of Communications Award, Colleen Lubisco, Braveathon
Spirit of Communications Award, Risa Pappas, Braveathon



Maltese Award Winners from WPSC-FM for year 2008-2009:

Maltese Radio Awards

Best Producer: Fernando Xelo

Best Produced Promo: The Steelbath by Death Metal Dan

Male DJ of the Year (student): Jasen Corrente

Female DJ of the Year (student): Nicole Parente

Best Manager: Jay Corrente

Best Non-Student DJ of the Year: Yelica Laverde

Best New On-Air Personality: Alex Goldman

Best Music Based Program: Reggae Spin

Best Speech Based Program: The Morning Blend / The Reading Circle

Spirit of WP 88.7 FM: John Colianni / Yelica Laverde


Maltese TV Awards - Entertainment

Rookie of the Year: Melissa Rodriguez

Special Contributions: Kris Almquist

Most Improved Talent: Cody Hood

Comedy/Music Best Show: Stop Laughing

Best Producer: Steve Eccles

Best Director: Dominick Chierico

Best Assistant Director: Dan Erbeck

Best Technical Director: Dexter Carlo

Best Audio Operator: Matt Palin

Best Floor Manager: Melissa Rodriguez

Best Cameraperson: Dan Erbeck / Mark Fagano / Bill Hoffmann

Best Host: Paul Toumey

Best Graphics: Joselyn Martinez

Best Editor: Steve Eccles


Maltese TV Awards - News/Advocacy

Best Show: Live at Five

Best Producer: Rich Dayock

Best Director: Dave Caputo

Best Technical Director: Nick Demonte

Best Audio Operator: Scott Cunneenly

Best Floor Manager: Ross Azner

Best Cameraperson: Stefania Orru

Best Host/Talent: Paul Cwiakala

Best Graphics: Colleen Lubisco

Previous Audio Awards

 Student Audio Production Award, Spring 1999

Bronze Cindy Award, 1999

Student Audio Production Award, Spring 1998

Bronze Cindy Award, Fall 1998