Maltese Awards

Nominations for Maltese Awards take place early each spring semester. Deliberations and decisions are made by the William Paterson Broadcast Network's Board of Directors and the Advisory Board.

The award ceremony takes place before finals week each spring semester.

The Maltese Awards were started in 1996 to recognize and celebrate Communication students' achievements in media production. They were called the "BMG Awards" initially, because a newly-formed organization of department professors, the "Broadcast Media Group", was awarding them.

A few years later, when the Broadcast Media Group became the "William Paterson Broadcast Network," a decision was made to rename the awards after Dr. Tony Maltese, the retiring long-time chairperson of the department, in recognition of his efforts over the years to create sustainable excellence in the Communication Department at William Paterson University.

Since the awards began, they have expanded to include more categories representing all aspects of radio and television production. In recent years, new Maltese awards have been added to recognize the efforts of film makers and performers in theatre and comedy.


Here are the results of the 2012-2013 Maltese Awards:


Best Film - Film I and Film II
Karl Fernandez - “In Amore/Ex Amore”

Best Film - Alternative

Rebecca Lindsay - “Serendipity”

Best Film - Film III/Capstone
James Toscano - “Heads or Tails”

Best Post-Production
Rebecca Lindsay - “Serendipity”

Best Performances
Mike West - “Carousel”

Best Cinematography
Daniel Dennison Froehner - “Meditations on Sandy”

Best Story
Rebecca Lindsay - “Serendipity”

Viewers' Choice

The Brothers Strange/A.J. Saraciniello and Dylan Saraciniello - “The Box”

McCaskey Spirit Award
A.J. Saraciniello


Best Director 
Connor Lloyd – “The Roundabout”

Best Cameraperson 
Miguel Saenz – “The Roundabout”

Best Floor Manager 
Kayla Galka – “The Roundabout”

Best Teleprompter Operator 
Alexis Thoma – “The Roundabout”

Best On Camera 
Wendy Boche – “The Roundabout”

Best Director 
Andrew Adams – “News Now”

Best Technical Director 
Courtnaey Chelf – “News Now”

Best Field Camera 
Dana Schaeffer and John Chludzinski – “News Now”

Best Audio 
Carlos Zamora – “News Now”

Best Video Recording
Ryan Walsh – “News Now”


Best Male DJ
James Sahanas

Best Female DJ
Shauni Ramai

Best Braveology Talent
Jon Paul Rodrigues

Best Specialty Music Show Talent
Anthony Caiola

Best New On Air Talent
Patrick Gibbons 

Best Talk Show Talent
Stephan Bisaha

Best News Anchor
Perpetua Romain

Best Sports Broadcaster
Allan Simon

Best Manager
Sebastian Escobar

WPSC Spirit Award
Dan Murphy


Best Editing
Danielle Romano

Best Layout Work
Yujian Sun

Newspaper Operations Award
Dana Uribe



Best Producers
Steven Patterson and Andrew Shapiro - “News Now”  

Best Female Anchor
Marshay Rice - “News Now”  

Best Male Anchor
Patrick Rutkowski - “News Now”



Best Male Actor  
Stephan Bisaha & Anthony Caiola

Best Female Actor
Celestine Dupree

Best Ensemble
Cast of The Dining Room

Best Male Comic
Chike Onyenso

Best Female Comic
Kaitlyn Masters

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