MFA in Visual Arts

Master of Fine Arts

The master of fine arts (MFA) degree is designed as the professional degree for the fine artist, designer, and media artist. It is the mission of the program to provide the MFA candidate with a rigorous environment in which to focus on professional goals and artistic excellence. An important aspect of this environment is the creation of a community of peers and mentors all pursuing the enhancement of imagination through the creation and interpretation of meaningful work. Faculty members have a substantial professional and educational background and are dedicated to highest standards of artistic endeavor.

The MFA in Visual Arts is offered as a three-year, full-time degree program, or as a five-year, part-time degree program for the working professional. Students choose from course offerings that include computer art and animation, painting, printmaking, sculpture and digital sculpture, ceramics, photography, graphic media, and furniture design. Fully equipped studios in all areas provide the resources necessary for the actualization of a wide range of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and time based work.

The University’s proximity to New York City gives ready access to the concentration of working art professionals, the availability of world-class museums, the proliferation of private galleries, and the accessibility of major libraries and collections. Visits to artists’ studios, guest lecturers, and possible internships complement the program of study.