James Brown


Office:   Power Art 125
Phone:   (973) 720-3278
Office Hours:   Monday 4:00pm - 5:30pm & by appointment

Department: Art
Position: Professor
Area Specialization: Painting, Drawing

Mr. Brown earned his B.F.A. at Calvin College, and his M.F.A. at Western Michigan University. He is a 1984 alumnus of The Studio Museum in Harlem's renowned Artist-in Residence Program. Since then he has received numerous professional honors and fellowships, and his work has been exhibited in a variety of group and solo exhibitions throughout America, Europe and China. He is an associate professor at The William Paterson University of New Jersey.

"I think of myself as an interdisciplinary artist, influenced by my ethnic and sociological environment. My work shows the struggle to transcend the trap created by our social environment, and it confronts the traps within it's madness; a human expression of our reality that is difficult to comprehend, and often too complex to communicate."

"The anger found in my work is not my anger, but an example of our resistance to change. It is that strong imagery that creates a visual game of mirrors reflecting one's own self, as well as questioning our humanity."

"In the last few years, I have been exploring the theme of reversals, reversing the stereotypical imagery of African American people and then expanding it to include other cultures. While the work sometimes embraces a humorous edge, it is deadly serious. My intent is to develop awareness and to explore the elements at war with one another in society."

"I began as a painter, but my work has undergone a steady expansion into large-scale installations I call, visual experiences, which draws from life. Drawing has been a means of exploring visual communication, and it has been a great part of my creative experience."