Voices...from the Land

About the "Voices from the Land" project

(an exploration of art, language, technology and cultural expression)

 The children will be engaging in a study of nature based on the works of Andy Goldsworthy an artist, photographer who creates natural materials found in the everyday outdoor environment. 

(Children from other States, Providences and Countries are also participating in this study.)

Goldsworthy uses these materials to create "ever changing" art and invites others to do the same.

The CDC children are excited about his photographs and are now working with natural materials, investigating and discovering the art of bookmaking, interacting with and using digital cameras. They are writing poetry based on their "eco art" creations.

Using the computer, the children and teachers will work together to layout and design a copy of their artwork, photographs and poetry which will be published as a full color book at the end of this study.