University Policy Regarding Email Communication


There is an increasing need for fast and efficient communication with currently enrolled students in order to conduct official business at William Paterson University. Each student is issued a unique University ID number (855 ID) and an email account for use throughout the time the student is enrolled for classes at the University. Accordingly, email is a formal communication by the University.



Email shall be considered an official form of communication by William Paterson University unless otherwise prohibited by law. The University reserves the right to send official communications to students by email with the full expectation that students will receive email, read these emails and respond accordingly in a timely fashion.


Assignment of Student Email Address

Official University email accounts are created for all accepted students and will be treated as directory information.  The domain name for an official University email account is "". Official University communications will be sent to students' official University email addresses.

Students are expected to check their email on a frequent and consistent basis in order to stay current with University-related communications. Students must insure that there is sufficient space in their email accounts to allow for email to be delivered. Students have the responsibility for recognizing that certain communications may be time-critical.  Emails being returned due to "Mailbox Full" or "Error Forwarding" messages are not acceptable excuses for missing official University communications via email.


Forwarding of Email

Students who choose to have their email forwarded to a private (unofficial) email address outside the official University network address do so at their own risk. The University is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission or access of email forwarded to any unofficial email address, and any such problems will not absolve students of their responsibility to know and comply with the content of official communications sent to students' official William Paterson University email addresses.