PE Schedule Spring 2013

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Welcome to a new and exciting semester of professional enrichment programs at the Cotsakos College of Business. We are pleased to offer a wide range of interesting, enjoyable, and challenging workshops, seminars,  conferences, with events that will enrich your education with lessons learned from real-world experience.

Professional enrichment activities are designed to help students gain value-added co-curricular experience from knowledgeable professionals in the field. The program complements classroom education and, provides a significant competitive advantage for our students as they prepare to enter the global marketplace. Employers are enthused about the value of this program and its positive effect on the professional preparedness of our students!

To kick off the semester, we will be offering rewards of $100 and $50 in gift certificates for the two students with the highest and second highest number of events attended this semester!

We hope you will enjoy the programs we have put together and believe they will help you gain valuable insights into the professional world of business The Professional Enrichment program depends on your participation and feedback for its success —please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and comments about current programs, and also what you would like to see added to our roster in the future.


Rajiv Kashyap
Interim Dean
Cotsakos College of Business

Elizabeth C. Ekmekjian
Director, Professional Enrichment Program
Cotsakos College of Business