Professional Enrichment

Cotsakos College of Business Professional Enrichment


What is Professional Enrichment?

The professional enrichment program is designed to enhance business students’ college education by providing opportunities to meet and network with area specialists; hear business leaders speak; become involved in work-related activities such as internships, practicum, and job shadowing; and attend various seminars and forums that deal with professional development and/or contemporary work-related issues.

Who is required to participate in professional enrichment activities?

All Cotsakos College of Business students are required to complete the professional enrichment component of their educational experience prior to graduation; students must earn professional enrichment points as they progress through their business program towards graduation.

Accumulated points are utilized in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for MGT 4600 (Business Strategy and Policy), which is a required course for all undergraduate accounting, business administration, and professional sales majors. Specifically, ten percent of the grade earned in this course is a function of the number of enrichment points earned: eight points are required to earn full credit. Less than the required number of points results in partial credit being granted. Several additional courses have a "per semester" point requirement; please check with the instructor.


William "Jay" Davis
Operations Coordinator, Cotsakos College of Business

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